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  1. Anoop says

    Recently, my friend installed one application of whatsapp… didn’t disclose the name…
    He could read any individual messages without the 2nd tick…only for group messages the tick is visible. So, the sender cannot even notice the read details.
    I cross checked it. Can you please tell me the name of app.

  2. angelina grey says

    Didn’t know I could disable those blue tick notifications – that’s awesome

  3. Vansh says

    Hello I am only able to see recent and frequent chats only while forwarding the message. Why not able to see broadcast list while forwarding the message.

    How can I see my broadcast list while forwarding the messages as I can’t see my broadcast list while doing so.

    Help required.

  4. Maryano says

    It seems, you know a lot about WhatsAPP .I made a video profile and supposed to click next ,mistakenly clicked back 🙁 Do I get that Video back ,is there any alternative for it. A cache or something else????

  5. Tulika says

    Does “Custom notification” feature only work for the saved contacts, or its applicable also for the deleted, or blocked contacts?
    Reply ASAP.


  6. jim says

    how to send bulk messages to all of the whatsapp group members in one whatsapp group personally(without saving the contacts of that group members in phone)

  7. john says

    Hi dear,

    Is there any facility wherein I can have two different dp’s on same whats app number? one for my whats app group and one normal for the rest of friends ? If yes lease share.

    And thank you for sharing above features, most of them are new to me. keep posting. 🙂

  8. farha says

    hi! i recently kept a password on my phone and forgot it. now it seems that there is no other way but to format it completely. but i dont want to loose my whatsapp account as the number that i registered with it is from other country and i am in other country. please give me a solution to register my whatsapp with the previous number in other country.

  9. Whatsapp feature : Edit sent Messages says

    WhatsApp is reportedly getting Gmail’s coolest feature: Recalling sent messages. According to a report in WABetainfo, the Facebook owned messaging service is testing a new feature that will allow users to ‘recall’ as well as edit sent messages.

  10. Dev says

    Prank Your Friends By Bombarding Thousands Of Messages At Once In Whatsapp – Not working in update version of WhatsApp.

  11. kittu says

    If unknown contact number send a message to me, if i saw the message that unknown get double click or not?

  12. Vijay Jangra says

    Its really a huge and interesting list of whatsapp tricks. But i think you should also mention how to use two whatsapp account in one phone using parallel space app.

  13. Anonymous says

    It’s really nice,
    I want to know how to change language in whatsapp without using phone settings

  14. Wale says

    Please, how can we get the exact SPOOF MESSAGE APP from playstore? because, there are many Spoofs in there.

    Please, can you give us a link?

  15. Tarun says

    I am group admin one, of what’s app group I remove 1 person from the group because of his post wrong things in a group. But that person is still able to see other members’ numbers from group I want that person does not see any member details from group how to stop him

  16. baburaj says

    how will recover my deleted broadcast list.. more than 200 contacts was there in the Broadcast list. Unfortunately its deleted.

  17. alice clove says

    backup conservation earlier but still there is no back up and i also tried back up my conversation with the help of backup text for whatsapp but it is showing no messages how can i get back my whatsapp

  18. Susheel Yadav says

    i want to use whatsapp without mob. no. how it is possible ..
    please help.. waiting for your reply with great hope,

  19. AKA says

    @Christopher, I can’t believe you telling tricks that are already dead since years, copying DB crypt 5 file method stopped working atleast 2.5 years ago. The whatsapp dog, stopped working an year ago. But you mentioned it now, so it looks like you are deliberately telling tricks that are not going to work.

  20. Anonymous says

    Can i delete a chat that i sent to someone? its not delivered to them yet. i dont want them to see it..

  21. Dmt says

    I created a WhatsApp group and then removed all its members… I uninstalled WhatsApp then…now I want to have that group back and add them again in the same group….how to get back to it..?

  22. Sanjay sharma says

    Hi christopher,

    I uninstalled whattsapp and reinstalled with old mobile number on a new mobile handset.
    i find that I am not part of the groups as before and cannot send messages to them.

    Any solution to just transfer the only one group setting from old phone to new ?

    Request reply by email if possible

  23. Lucifer says

    Is this possible to get notification when a targeted person comes online??? If yes! How??

  24. Avishek Bose says

    Is there any way to get whatsapp to download the contents of a whatsapp group to a separate folder? This will really help in sorting out the general forwards from pictures we exchange.

  25. CHINU says

    If I want to see some ones DP of whatsapp group whose no is not save in my mobile, what to do ?
    or is it possible to see someones details whose mobile no is not save to my mobile from a whatsapp group ?

  26. jack says

    Dear Admin,

    How can we hack whats app data without using friend’s cell .i have only mobile no. can i hack all whats app data only knowing by mobile it possible ?

  27. Sriya Sanjudh says

    Is there any option to recover 1 year old data from whatsapp? Plz tell me any one knows about this…

  28. Krishna says

    Bro! I’ve received a forwarded message in whatsapp today.. After every line, there’s a word in blue ‘See more’ when i tap it, it is displaying the second line! How is this expansion possible?

  29. babu says

    My messages to a contact are remaining with a single tick..i want to know whether the contact has uninstalled his whatsapp or is it possible to know the new whatsapp number on the basis of old number

  30. raja says


    Recover Your Deleted Messages On Whatsapp

    Connect your mobile with your pc via USB cable.
    Go to folder named whatsapp/Databases
    Two files are there named msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt
    msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt file contains all the messages sent or recieved in last 7 days.
    Open it with notepad or wordpad to view and read messages.

  31. Raj says

    I have missing my number but how to use same watsapp number

    I have not to check pin number

    How to check my pin number

  32. martin says

    My daughter 14 year problem child want to read her samsung watsupp with my bberry. Canot get hold of it how do I hack it please help concernd dad

  33. Chethan S Reddy says

    _Now you can use formatted text in WhatsApp._

    *chethan* _chetu_ ~loves~

    *See below instructions for how to do this*
    WhatsApp users can now use formatted text…

    *Bold*, _Italics_ and ~Strike-through~ in their text messages.

    It will change the way you talk to your friends.

    • *Bold*
    Add an asterisk (*) before and after the specific words or phrases you want to embolden

    • _Italics_
    Add an underscore (_) before and after your chosen words or phrases

    • ~Strikethrough~
    Add a tilde (~) before and after the words or phrases you want to strike a line through.

    _I bet_ *I am the first one to inform u*

  34. Pathan Sakil M. says

    This article has best Tips on Whatsapp . I like the most copy of others status .BEST INFO.ABT.WU….THNX

  35. Farah says

    Hi, great article! Is the red heart the only emoticon that is animated to a beating heart? or are there more now since that update was a few years ago. Thanks in advance

  36. Girish Shah says

    How to down load our own Boradcast list in Excel ..I have 1000 numbers and wanted to create diff broad cast list for this.. How I can make sure nobody is left and nobody is in 2-3 list /

  37. up says

    i do not want all my contacts to know i am on whatsapp when i install it the first time. how do i do that?

  38. Rajan Singh says

    This article has best Tips on Whatsapp . I like the most copy of others status 😛 . Hey suarabh you came back why you blog is unavaiable on web ?? I also post a blog on whatsapp tricks.

  39. samuel abolanle says

    pls help me cant open my profile on whatsapp on my nokia6120c nd hw can i mve my whatsapp frm phone memory? Bcus wen i try to press option button it wil quit!

  40. alameen says

    Now Send Bold, Italics Or Strikethrough Text In Whatsapp not working. am trying almost.

  41. raj says

    I want to trace chat,images and video’s of my gf number without taking her phone is it possible to do that because she is living out of station ????

  42. Bhaskar Dutta says

    Very helpful tricks! Thanks a lot!

    I am still waiting for a trick where I / admin may delete a msg delivered to a group… Please update if you get a clue…

  43. Anonymous says

    Dear admin

    Whatsapp hacking by spoofing mac is failure while whatsapp verifying account .pls suggest some good idea

  44. Aarav bhati says

    Few months ago my friend send a pic to someone i want to know that to whom she send her and when and she deleted that chat and also uninstall whatsapp and change number many times how can i find this its very important

  45. Rajdeep Singh says

    Can a Whats app account number from an earlier phone be used on another device using a different sim card. Please do let me know

  46. MA says

    My friend wants to change his handset. All contacts, chat , groupchat , groups etc is not issue.

    However he has a few *Broadcast Groups*. Will they also get migrated to the new handset ? ( I and he were told that Broadcast Groups do not move.)

    If they do not migrate automatically, any workaround?

  47. Khubaib mohamed says

    Hey…….is turning on your internet and seeing u online in watsapp making u uncomfortable……

    This is for person who like to turn on internet and play in other apps…and not to be online in watsapp

    Want to know?

  48. M says

    In the case that one has purchased a new phone, is it possible for one to transfer the information from the database such that one gets to keep their old status with the date and everything?

  49. john says

    Admin, please help me, I have a what’s app account but that sim card is banned sure to non payment of bills and that sim got disconnected there is no way I’ll get the same sim now I have updated my phone after that I have un installed WhatsApp now it is asking for verification code,

  50. Prajapati says

    I am group created and some one Fack admin remove me in my group and he became group admin how can I became group admin back my group in whatsapp

  51. Anonymous says

    How to know if someone is 1) spying on your WhatsApp, 2) has hacked into?

    How to resolve both?

  52. Christopher says

    Just long press the conversation and then send conversation as email to your mail.

  53. Ricky says

    I am a new user of Whatsapp but thanks to this article because now I can use Whatsapp like a Pro. Thank you so much for these amazing tricks you have shared.

    Keep rocking man.

  54. admin says

    Check out google drive associated with your Google account (Android Phone), if by chance you have checked it for backup, you can find your chat history there. Otherwise, You can try free recovery programs to recover files from SD card.

  55. ravi says

    My whats app was in sd card the space of sd was full nd after that my all whats app chat history was deleted how can i recover my chat history?

  56. ankita says

    how to install some other whats app in my phone without knowing him as i dont have his handset with me please help

  57. Sunit kumar says

    If I will press any one single contect for more than few second then
    It will send all all conversation through Gmail or not pl reply

  58. suraj verma says

    i am gld to know these 22 tricks of whatsapp.
    Its amazing i tried all of these and i i can hide my personal messages.these are very useful tricks but everyone doesn’t know about these tricks.u

  59. Devki says

    Can I get all my own WhatsApp profile pictures set as of now, can I keep track of my own pictures that I have been set so far. Please help

  60. richa says

    Recently I had a problem with my mobile phone so every told me to format it. Firstly I had created backup of all things in memory card then I formatted. After that again I installed whatapp but this time I cannot use old no. Becoz that no. Is not in service since 1 year. So I want that chat in my new no. Is it possible to get backup chat in my new whatsapp no. Plz tell me as soon as possible. That chat is really very imp. Plz help me

  61. PR says

    Super…..I like it.
    Was wondering if one can also have multiple profiles under one whatsapp account. Because you are know differently at different places. i mean among friends, office and home etc…

  62. Alberto says

    any way to migrate messageStore-yyyy-mm-dd.1.db.crypt from blackberry passport to new blackberry PRIV (Works under Android)….?????

  63. jaison says

    admin can you tell me a trick to find the username to whom a particular photo was sent from other mobile its not mine?

  64. kirby says

    how can I get the msges I sent to someone else removed from their phone. eg bbm if I delete a contact they no longer see the chats. how can u do this with whatsapp?

  65. manish shrivastava says

    how i can get notification of your updates. there is no option for registerd email id. also tell can i ask you any question about technology.

  66. Amit Kumar says


    I was completely unaware from these interesting and helpful WhatsApp tricks. After reading these 20+ Whatsapp tips and tricks, I think these are really quite secret and most of the WhatsApp users still don’t know about these.

    “Creating Shortcuts For Frequently Contacted Friends” and “Whatsapp Profile Picture Prank !” are my favourite tricks in this list.

    Thanks for sharing this detailed Whatsapp guide with us. Keep helping sir !!