Pin or Unpin a folder from Quick access in Windows 10

How to Pin/Unpin a particular folder from Quick access in Windows 10: – Quick access is an option in Windows 10 to enable easy access of folders. We can see the Quick access option whenever we open the file explorer.  Some folders like the Desktop, Documents, Pictures etc. are pinned to Quick access by default. The Quick access also displays the folders we may  have used recently and frequently. This list may change over time. Easy access of folders which we need to use frequently can be enabled by adding them  to Quick access. We can pin the required folders to Quick access and find it easily every time. We can also remove the folders once added to Quick access if needed. Thus Quick access is the easiest way to access the folders we need to use frequently , saving the trouble of searching for the folder.

Pin folders to Quick access

Now let’s see the steps to pin a folder to Quick access

1.Open the file explorer. Now select the folders that are to be pinned to Quick access.


2.Select the Home tab.


3. Select Pin to Quick access.


Now your folders will be pinned to Quick access and you can easily access them.

Unpin folders from Quick access

Now let’s see how to unpin the folders from Quick access.

1.Right click on the folder that need to unpinned from Quick access.


2.Select the Unpin from Quick access option.

Now the folder will be unpinned from Quick access.