Ms Word Insufficient Memory Or Disk Space. Cannot Display the Requested Font Fix

If you use Word every day to create documents, you may come across this error, “Insufficient memory or disk space. cannot display the requested font“. You can also see similar errors asking you to shut down any extra windows and try again, or it may even show a detailed message indicating that your system memory is running low, despite the fact that there’s enough RAM or hard drive space.

While you may double-check with the free space in your system’s RAM or reset the Word options, you can also try a quick fix to resolve this once and for all, if there’s no space issue. Let’s show you how.


How to fix “Insufficient Memory Or Disk Space. Cannot Display the Requested Font” Error in Word Using App Data

Step 1: Search File Explorer Options in Windows search box. Click on the search result.


File Explorer Options Min


Step 2: In the Folder Options window, click on the View tab, scroll down, find Hide extensions for known file types, and uncheck the box next to it. Once done, press OK and press Yes in the prompt that pops up.


Folder Options View Tab Uncheck Hide Extension For Known File Types

Step 3: Now, Open the windows search box  and type %appdata% in the search box to open the destination File folder.


Start Type File Folder Path Result


Step 4: In the Appdata > Roaming folder > double-click on the Microsoft folder.


Appdata Roaming Microsoft Double Click


Step 5: In the Microsoft folder > double-click on the Templates folder.


Microsoft Folder Templates Double Click




Step 6: Now, in the Templates folder, rename the Normal.dotm to Normal.old.


Prompt Yes Rename Normal.old


Now you are done. Simply restart your system and open Word without any error.

Fix 2 – Running Powershell commands

1. Search powershell in windows search box.

2. Now, Right click and choose running as administrator.


Windows Powershell Admin Min


3. Now, run these commands one by one in powershell.

Get-acl C:\Windows\fonts\arial.ttf | Set-Acl -path c:\windows\fonts\*.*

Get-acl C:\Windows\fonts\arial.ttf | Set-Acl -path c:\windows\fonts

Fix 3 – Remove Word Add-ins

1. Open Microsoft words.

2. Now, click on File > Options.

3. Click on Add-ins in left menu.

4. Now, Click on Go button placed near Manage Com add-ins.



Addins Go Min


5. Uncheck all COM Add-ins and click OK.



Uncheck Add Ins Min


Fix 4 – Edit Registry values

1. Press Windows key and R key together to open run.

2. Type regedit in it and click OK.


Regedit Run Min


3. Once the registry editor opens up, just create a backup before editing any thing in registry .

Just go to file and click on export to create a backup.

Registry Editor File Tab Export


4. Now, Go to the following location in registry editor.


5. Now, expand office then expand version number (For example 16.0).

6. Now, expand word

7. Now, right click and delete data folder,

Data Delete Min

8. Open word again and check if issue persists.

If it does not work , double click and restore the backup.

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