Cannot create new folder from right click menu in Windows 10 Fix

If you can’t create a new folder just by right clicking on the desktop window and then by clicking on “New> folder” and thinking what to do, you have just come to the right place. Make this simple change in your Registry Editor window and the problem will be solved easily.



Before going ahead to the main fix, we strongly suggest you to create a a backup of the registry on your computer. After opening Registry Editor, click on “File” > “Export” to create the backup.

If anything goes wrong you can retrieve your registry by simply importing the backup.

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Fix 1- Create a new sub-key under shellex key-

You have to create a new key in shellex(associates all the shortcuts in the right click menu) and the problem will be solved.

1. Click on the Search box and type “regedit“.

2. Now, click on “Registry Editor” from the elevated search results window.




3. In the next step, you will have to navigate to this registry file-



4. Now, right-click on “ContextMenuHandlers” and then click on “New>Key“.

5. Simply, rename the key to “New“.


Context Handler New Key


6. Now, on the left-hand side, click on “New” to select it.

7. Now, on the right-hand side, double click on “Default” to edit it.


Default Double Click


8. In the Edit String window, copy-paste this in ‘Value data:‘ box.



9. Then, click on “OK“.


Value Data Ok


Close Registry Editor window.

Check if you can create a new folder by right clicking on the desktop and then “New> Folder“.

You will be able to create a new folder just like before.

Fix 2 – Turn Controlled folder access OFF

1. Search Windows security in Windows 10 search box.

2. Now, Click on search result to open it.


Windows Security



3. Click on Virus & Threat protection.


Virus 1


4. Click on Manage Ransomware protection.


Manage Ransomware Protection


5. Turn off Controlled folder access.


Off Controlled Folder Access1


Fix 2 – Check security settings of your Disk

1. Right click on the disk on which you are unable to create a new folder

2. Click on properties.



Properties Disk


3. Select your User  and click on Edit.




4. Make sure Modify, Write and read are checked. If not check these options and click on apply and OK.

Allow Write Modify


Fix 3 – Run SFC / SCANNOW command

1 – Search cmd in Search box.

2 – Now, Right click and click on run as admin.

Open Cmd Run As Admin Win11 Min


3 – Now, run the command given below.


4 -Close the CMD Window and try again.

7 thoughts on “Cannot create new folder from right click menu in Windows 10 Fix”

  1. Thank you!
    The reg. worked for me nicely and step by step i got it to work.
    Please do a backup because it worked for me and may not 100% work for you but it´s worth a shot.
    Big thanks 🙂

  2. Does not work for me. I did it all. The regedit fixed it so’s I can create new folders on the desktop.
    But I can’t create new folders in the directory tree. Like in C: I don’t get the option.
    Nor in any of the folders on C:
    But if I open a folder ‘in a new window’ then I get the menu choice and then I can create a new folder there.
    this is a new installation of win10 today. three or four hours ago.
    explorer has been funny from the beginning.
    even now it is not showing the network properly -showing on one ‘network location’ and that’s the router though elsewhere it shows another computer on the lan and an xbox on the lan etc…
    my email address? you don’t seem to have asked for it anywhere…

  3. When I went to the registry and checked the ContextMenuHandlers, there was already a “new” folder there and it has the key as described above. Yet when I right click in a folder to check New, there is no “new folder” option but instead a “shortcut” option.

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