Generate strong passwords Using Chrome Password Generator

How To Enable And Use Chrome Built-in Password Generator:- Are you one of those people who register themselves with every single website that they visit? If yes, welcome to the club! Well, let’s talk about new registrations. What part do you think is the most difficult? I would say the part where I have to enter a new password and confirm it. You might find it hard to give a new password for all the sites that you visit and register at. But at the same time, you are not ready to compromise your important passwords by assigning them to less important and less secure websites that you get to, during the time of your endless browsing sessions. So what is the solution? What if I tell you that Google Chrome has an inbuilt password generator that can actually generate complex passwords for you? Yeah, you heard it right. Google Chrome can generate complex passwords for you and it can even remember those passwords for you. Wondering how? Dive into the article then!

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  • You need to sign-in to Google Chrome first. For that, type in chrome://settings to the address bar and hit Enter.



  • Under Settings, look for a section that says Sign in. Now click on the Sign in to Chrome button as shown in the screenshot given below.



  • In the new window that opens up for login, enter your Gmail credentials and hit Sign in button at the bottom.



  • Now take a new tab and type in chrome://flags in the address bar. Hit Enter once you are done. You will be given a warning as messing up the settings in the flags page can cause you serious trouble.



  • Hit CTRL+F keys together. This will reveal a search bar. Type in password generation in the search bar and hit Enter key. Look for a section named Enable Password Generation from the highlighted texts and click on its associated drop-down list. Choose the option Enabled from the available options.



  • Now scroll down and find the button Relaunch Now. Clicking on it will relaunch your Google Chrome with all the saved settings.


That’s it. Now whenever you click on the Enter Password text box at the time of sign up on any website, Google Chrome will give you automated password suggestions. These passwords will be Strong by default, so you need not worry about the security level of these passwords. The good thing is that you need not remember all these passwords. Google Chrome will automatically remember your generated passwords and sync them with your other devices as well. Hope you found the article interesting and useful.