Kiddle – A Kids Only Safe Search Engine

Kiddle is a safe search engine designed for children. This visual search engine is powered by Google. In other common search engines, we can turn on safe search to filter out inappropriate contents. But still they can return results that may contain objectionable contents not suitable of children. So Kiddle comes with a special design dedicated to kids. Here it filters out the Internet content in such a way that no contents seven slightly inappropriate for kids will be provided.


The design of Kiddle combines Google’s safe search with editorially controlled keywords and a list of sites that are blacklisted. The editors choose keywords , so that they don’t return abusive contents. Many words like nude, death , sexual, suicide etc. are blacklisted. They can’t be searched for in the site. If we happen to give any of these blacklisted words for search the, the result will not be returned. Instead you will get a page saying  “Oops, Please try again!”.


Thus parents can make sure that ,children get only safe contents from the internet without watching them always. Even in their absence parents can be sure about the contents kids search for in the internet.

The search results returned are also different from the results returned by other search engines for adults. The contents will be filtered and also sorted in a manner suitable for children. The contents which may be easily understood by kids will be listed first. The tough contents which may be a bit difficult for kids to grasp will be listed towards the end. Of course, the significance of the contents will be noted but  at the same time they make sure that children get the result they wanted.

The design of the site reveals that it is dedicated for kids. The site uses larger fonts,bigger thumbnails and colorful search pages which make it attractive and easily comprehensible by children.
The privacy policy of the site states that they do not collect and keep any private information. They also say that the logs are deleted every 24 hours.