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  1. kartheek says

    how we can compare the data directly from files?
    for example,
    if source file has
    provider1,Anand, 20,delhi,2344

    And Target file has
    provider1,Anand, 20,delhi,2344

    Then provider1 in source should be compared with provider1 in target

  2. bruce says

    Great report. I wonder if you could send me a report on best back up software for windows 10 on external drive.

  3. Jason Howell says

    I miss P4Merge and Diffinity on this list, for those like me who like the look of Meld but can’t stand the controls.

  4. Muhammad Farooqi says

    Thank you very much.. i had been using WinMerge for years in my other computer. And on laptop I had to download that again but forgot it’s name. And your this page helped me recalling the file name.

    thank you. WinMerge wins.