Top 11 Best Free VNC Servers for Windows PC

Be it your smartphone or tablet, controlling a client’s system is much easier now with a VNC server. VNC or the Virtual Network Connection servers allows users to share a duplicate screen of the remote desktop with another desktop in the terminal. It remotely controls another computer using RFB, or Remote Frame Buffer Protocol.

So, whenever you use the keyboard and the mouse, it transfers those events from your computer to another. At the same time, it broadcasts the visual screen actions back to the other computer over a network.

VNC software features a client user interface along with a server that controls the client connections and share desktop shots. In addition, VNC servers use network verification to protect the connections established between the clients and a server. However, the remote desktop data that is later transmitted over these connections is normally not password protected.

While TeamViewer is one of the best VNC servers around, there are many free VNC servers offering the same functionality. Here’s a quick list of some of the best free VNC servers.


Those looking for a free and open source VNC software, TigerVNC is the best bet for them. It’s a high-performing software that’s platform independent for VNC application. This client/server program enables users to start and connect with graphical applications on remote computers. If you are looking to run 3D and video applications, this software offers that kind of performance level required to such applications.

It also tries to maintain a regular look and feel, and use the components again, wherever applicable, across all the major compatible platforms. It also comes equipped with extensions that help in leading verification techniques and TLS password protection.

Price: free and open source


TightVNC is a 100% free software available under GNU GPL license. It helps you save time and money by offering their current production-ready code as a base instead of designing a remote-control application from the ground up. While designing a remote control takes several months for development, it also comes with many risks attached.

Best of all, the license is immediately available while the software development can continue for months or years. If you purchase the license, you can save the tie of developing the software from scratch. The license is endless and non-exclusive for the complete source code of the Windows version 2 server. It’s a one-time purchase for lifetime, with no expiration date, no royalties per-copy, and no restrictions on the products or devices quantity.

When connected, it allows you to download and upload files to the server. Moreover, it’s lightweight, and can be easily installed and configured.

Price: free and open source


RealVNC allows you to connect and take control. It speeds up your business with safe access to remote desktop, while offering support for connected world. It offers safe, and trustworthy screen sharing. You get connected to their products and services from any location.

This helps you control, track, administer, collaborate, support, train, and so on. The software helps you save time and money with improved productivity, lower risks, and offers new business possibilities.

Moreover, it offers simple, safe, and out-of-the-box remote access and support software for all computers and mobile phones. It also offers tools and solutions for blending secure, and real-time remote access into your products, services, and devices. Used by top companies across the world and by IT professionals, it is definitely worth a try.

Price: free for home use for 5 remote PCs and 3 users; professional version starts from $40


UltraVNC is a dynamic software for remote PC access that’s not just easy to use, but it’s also free. It can show the screen of another computer on your computer screen over internet connection. It lets you use the keyboard and mouse of your computer and control the other computers remotely. This process helps you to work on a remote computer presuming that you are sitting in front of the remote computer, straight from your existing location.

The RFB (Remote Frame Buffer Protocol) or the VNC helps you to view a desktop and even control it remotely using internet connection. It’s important to remember that a VNC server must be functioning on the computer that’s sharing the desktop screen, and it should also be running on the computer that will have access to he shared screen. UltraVNC is useful for anyone who wants to support native or remote Windows users. It’s especially useful for:

  • Help desk (Internal External)
  • IT departments
  • Remote Computer Support companies
  • Remote Computer Access
  • Remote demonstration
  • eLearning, classroom control
  • Anyone that want to help their relatives and friends,
  • Anyone who want to access their home PC from work or cybercafes

Price: free


TeamViewer is one of the most popular VNC servers that offers all-in-one-solution. It offers solutions for safe and connected workspace. It’s the number one brand in the world offering remote connectivity solutions through innovative technology and an amazingly fast and safe global network.

Using this server, you can remotely access and control your computer screen and servers from any location over internet connection. This access is independent of devices and completely safe. TeamViewer works with any smartphone transforming it into a workplace, anytime.

It offers safe and easy interaction with 256Bit AES encryption and ISO27001 certified data centers. This Augmented Reality solution helps you to correct issues then and there, irrespective of your distance. It allows you to help your on-site employees remotely with the help of troubleshooting, problem solving, product installation, and more. On-screen graphical directions help the solution to be distinct by tagging objects along with voice.

Moreover, it’s the only VNC server in the world that lets you access live iOS device screen and even control from any computer or mobile phone screen. In the same manner, even Android devices can also be accessed.

Price: free for personal use; professional license starts from $49

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop is a Chrome extension that allows you to access other computers or other users to access your computer safely, over the internet connection. It helps you to enter the support of a reliable resource for assistance in detecting and resolving issues with your PC using the internet.

You can share your access to your computer with trusted person using this tool. The other person will then be able to view your computer screen and also have remote access to your computer. Sharing access is complete safe since access is allowed only to the person you select for one-time basis.

This tool is also handy for the IT support professionals with a simple and safe way to troubleshoot and solve problems using the user’s computers sitting at your desk. It’s compatible with all major platforms helping you connect any two computers with a Chrome browser. This includes platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac and ChromeOS machines.

Price: free


Remmina is a feature packed remote desktop client that’s also free and open source. It’s written in GTK+ and is especially developed for system administrators and travellers who need to work with multiple remote computers. This software provides support for different network protocols on a unified and trusted user interface. At present, it supports RDP, VNC, SPICE, NX, XDMCP, SSH and EXEC.

It maintains a list of connection profiles, arranged by groups. Moreover, it allows users to make quick connections by adding in the server address, straight away. It offers scrollable/scalable features in both windows and fullscreen mode for remote desktops with higher resolutions. Remmina is available in individual source packages that is, as the primary GTK+ application (remmina), and as a set of plugins (remmina-plugins).

Price: free and open source


NoMachine is a quick, safe, and convenient way to get what you are looking for, at any location. You can simply move from your desktop to any computer with NoMachine installed on it, at a blazing speed. NoMachine uses NX technology that offers the fastest and the best quality remote desktop.

You can have unlimited options by enjoying live audio and video from your remote computer. You can watch TV, YouTube videos, DVDs, and more from any location. Moreover, you can also get a print out of the file within the remote computer to a local printer. You can also do vice a versa.

With NoMachine, your desktop is where you work. As you open your desktop, others can join in. From your friends working together on the documents, sharing the files you want, to offering support for troubleshooting the issues you are facing, everything is secure and under your control. What’s more? You can even make a video on the go, or simply record your favorite TV episodes in a click.

Price: free


AnyDesk allows you to connect to a computer remotely, from any location in the world. The software offers secure and trusted remote desktop connections for both IT experts and individuals. It features a dynamic user interface that’s worth the appreciation. You can also record any activity that you do on the remote computer. The tool allows you to control your desktop from any point over an internet connection.

Moreover, you can also have complete control of the remote computer and send and receive files. With reduced latency, quick data transmissions, and frame rates of 60 fps, this software offers unmatched performance. It’s a cross-platform software that works across all major platforms that include – Windows, Linux, Free BSD, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

The software uses banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology that makes sure that your computer is safe from any unauthorized access and RSA 2048 asymmetric password protection to authenticate every connection.

Price: free for personal use; pro version starts from $79

Apache Guacamole

Apache Guacamole is another great remote desktop gateway (clientless) that supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH. It’s called clientless since there are no plugins or client software required in this case. Guacamole is based on HTML5 and after it’s installed on a server, all you need to do is to access the web browser of your desktop.

Since it’s based on HTML5, the computers that are in use are not connected to any single device or location. Till the time you can access the web browser, you can have access to your computers. Moreover, desktops that are accessed using Guacamole, may not exist physically and rather use them through cloud computing. It’s built on its own layers of core API that are completely documented and so, includes basic guidelines and theoretical analysis in the online guide. Best of all, it’s free and open source.

Price: free and open source


For those using Linux, X2Go is a perfect remote desktop software to work with. It uses NX technology protocol and can be used to access computer desktops. However, the it is chiefly used to offer secure and remote desktop sessions using SSH. This cross-platform software works on all major platforms that include – Linux, OS X, or Windows.

X2Go works perfectly on both low and high bandwidth connections. Even when running from another client, it offers the option to disconnect and reconnect to a session. Moreover, it offers support for sound, and also for as many concurrent users as the resources of the computer can support. It safely channels the traffic to the SSH.

Additionally, it allows you to share files and printers from client to server. What’s more? You can even choose from different desktop environments, effortlessly.

Price: free

So, whether you are an individual who needs to work on VNC client server for personal use, or a business who needs it for team communication and collaboration, having any of these best free VNC servers should make things easier for you. Select the one that suits you the best and start connecting, remotely.