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  1. TASIN says

    i dont know what happens with my pc when i try to open coding app it says it does not support on your pc,contact with software publisher.

  2. Jess McKenzie says

    I enjoyed your comments on the various IDEs. I was once (nearly) an expert on C, having studied the Kernighan books, but at my age, the skills seem to have gone fast in a few years, absent constant practice. I’ve just started anew, this time with C++, with daily study of the “Accelerated C++” book by Koenig and Moo, and relying on the Dev C++ IDE and compiler.
    It occurs to me that a combination tutorial/IDE/compiler would be a blessing, thus the student could study a lesson, practice programming, and learn from “mistakes” made in the process, perhaps in a split-screen environment. Were there such a system, I’d seriously consider paying for it.
    Namaste! … ~jess