10 things you should straight away check out in Windows 10

Congratulations on installing Windows 10!

You are now part of a rich experience offered from the stable of Windows 10. Love it or hate, but you can’t ignore the

control that Microsoft is offering with its latest offering. To make the life of our users easier, we published a number of posts related to the latest Operating System. Some talked about the various customization, some talked about privacy issues, while others simply provided you with some tips and tricks so that you are able to use your system in a better manner. We picked 10 of the best tips out of those and produce it here for your convenience.

A. Control your data usage: Did any one of you, notice how an organization which is all about money is offering it star product free of cost.Well, as they say, there are no free lunches in this world. Although the home edition is free upgrade but then there are automatic updates that happen behind the scene in this version. If you want to stop automatic updates, then you need to have a purchase version of Windows 10. So for earlier Windows version you need to pay to upgrade, for this version you need to pay to stop upgrades.

Sweet Microsoft!

Well, you can manually also turn off updates. Check out How To Turn Off Auto Update Of Windows 10.

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B. Virtual Desktops and Task View: You can create virtual desktops to segregate your personal work from your official job. How To Separate Music Browsing Session From Your Programming Session In Windows 10

C. Remove Most used items from the Start menu: Start menu remembers your usage and then list down, your most used items for ease. This can have privacy issues, hence you can remove your most used items from start menu.

D. Free up large space in Windows 10: You have upgraded to Windows 10, but it keeps your old windows setup file, so that if you want to revert to old system then you are able to do that. Simple delete the old Windows folder to free up large space.

E. Change Start menu and Taskbar color: If you don’t like the default color scheme offered in Windows 10, then you can change the start menu and Taskbar color.

F. Turn on/ off transparency in Start menu and Taskbar.

G. Disable these 10 things in Windows 10: Windows 10 is slowly moving towards artificial intelligence and hence it also keeps a track of your usage pattern and browsing history. Well, you can take control (some control) of your life by disabling these 10 things in windows 10.

H. Use Google as default browser: Quite obviously Microsoft has chosen Bing as its default search engine for its program. You can change the default search engine to Google by following these steps.

How To Set Edge Homepage To Google.Com

How To Make Cortana Use Google Instead Of Bing

How To Change The Default Search Engine To Google In Edge Browser

I. Unistall Windows 10 App: You can uninstall the app installed on Windows 10 in really easy manner. Check out How To Uninstall Windows 10 Apps.

J. Change Windows 10 Login Screen Background: It can not be done directly and you need to do some changes to regedit. How To Change Windows 10 Login Screen Background.

Still not satisfied and need to know more about various tips and tricks of Windows 10. Need not worry as you can simply follow this page about Windows 10.