Windows 10 / 11 Always shows Wrong Date & Time issue [Fixed]

If your computer is showing wrong date or time then you will face significant difficulty in some applications specially if you are browsing. In order to fix this issue follow these simple fixes and your computer will be showing right time and date just like before.

Fix-1 Automate Windows Time service-

Automate Windows Time service on your computer.

1. Click on the Search box beside Windows icon and then type “services“.

2. Now, click on “Services” in the search results to open Services window.


Services New


3. In Services window, scroll down and double click on “Windows Time“.


Windows Time Double Click


4. In Windows Time Properties window, click on ‘Startup type:‘ and then choose “Automatic” from the drop-down list.

5. Now, click on “Start” to start the service on your computer.


Windows Time Automatic


6. Finally, click on “Apply” and then on “OK” to save the changes.


Apply Ok Windows Time


Close Services window.

Reboot your computer to witness the changes on your computer.

After rebooting check time and date settings on your computer.

Fix-2 Set time according to new time server

1. Press Windows key+R to launch Run window on your computer.

2. Type this run command in Run window and then hit Enter. Date and Time window will be opened.



Time Date Settings


2. In Date and Time window, go to “Internet Time” tab and then click on “Change settings…“.


Date And Time Change Settings


3. In Internet Time Settings window, check the option “Synchronize with an Internet time server“.

4. Now, click on ‘Server:‘ and choose a different server such as  “ com”  from the drop-down.


Internet Time Settings New


5. Then click on “Update Now“. Finally, click on “OK” to save the changes on your computer.


Udpate Now


6. In Date and Time settings window, click on “Apply” and “OK” to save the changes on your computer.


Apply And Ok


Close Settings window. Check if you are still facing the same problem at your end or not. Your problem should be solved.


Fix-3 Set time automatically-

You can always enable your computer to show time automatically.

1. Press Windows key+I together to open  Settings window on your computer.

2. Now, click on “Time & Language” in Settings window.


Time And Launguage Settings


3. In Settings window, on the left hand side click on “Date & time“.

4. Now, on the right hand side of the same window, under Current date and time settings, toggle “Set time automatically” to “On“.


Set Time Automatically New


Close Settings window and restart your computer.

Check if it works or not.

For Windows 11 users

1 – Open Windows search and Type Change the date and time in it and click on search result.

Change Date Time Settings Search Min


2 – Make sure Set time automatically option is turned to “On“.

Set Time Automatically Min



Fix-4 Reset w32time.dll from CMD-

Res-registering w3time.dll from Command Prompt may work out for you.

1. Click on the Search box beside Windows icon and then type “cmd“.

2. Then, right click on “Command Prompt” in the elevated search result and choose “Run as administrator“.


Cmd Search


Command Prompt with administrative rights will be opened.

3. In Command Prompt window, copy-paste this command and then hit Enter to execute it on your computer.

regsvr32 w32time.dll


After executing the command, close Command Prompt window.

Restart your computer to save the changes.

Check if it works or not.


Fix-5 Set time and date manually-

If nothing is working out, set time and date manually-

1 – Open Windows search and Type Change the date and time in it and click on search result.

Change Date Time Settings Search Min

2 – Now, Turn Off Set Time automatically option to off.

Now, click on change.


Set Time Automaticallu


For Windows 11 users screenshot will look like the one given below

Change Date Time Min


5. In Change date and time window, click on “Date” to change the date to the actual date.

6. Repeat the same feat for “Time” by setting the right time.

7. Now, Click on “Change“.


Change Date


8.  Now, in Settings window, scroll down and  find ‘Time Zone‘.

9. Click on the drop down and then select the time zone you are currently in*.


Time Zone Final Copy


*NOTE– You will notice same time zone for a variety of locations. Choose the particular time zone where you are.

Close Settings window.

Now, reboot your computer.

After rebooting check the time and date settings.

Your problem will be solved.

Fix 6 – Disable Auto Time Zone Updater service

1 – Search Services in Windows search box.

2 -Now, click on services icon to open service manager window.

Services Manager Min

3 – Now, locate Auto Time Zone Updater service.

4 -Double click on it and choose startup type as disabled and click on stop to stop the service if it is running.

Startup Type Disabled 1 Min

Fix-7 Using Registry Editor

1. Press Windows key + R key together to open run.

2. Now, Type regedit in it and click OK.


Press Win + R To Open Run Box, Type Regedit, Hit Ok


3. After it opens up, before proceeding, take a registry backup.

Now, Move to the following location in the registry editor.


4. Now, locate ControlTimeZoneInformation in left menu, if it does not exists, Right click on CurrentControlSet and create a new key .


Right Click New Key



5. name it ControlTimeZoneInformation .

6. Now, in the right side , right click on empty space anywhere and click on New > Dword (64 bit).

Name it as RealTimeIsUniversal .


New Dword 64 Bit



7. Double click on RealTimeIsUniversal  . Change Value data to 1.




Note: If still your problem is not solved, try to change your BIOS battery as it may be the reason behind this. As BIOS is having no battery backup, it fails to update time after the computer is shutdown.

Fix 8 – Replace Motherboard battery

It may happen that your motherboard battery is needing a replacement. Just Change your motherboard battery.

Important points to keep in mind while doing this.

1. buy the correct battery online or froma store. Check the code printed on the old battery and match it from the battery you are going to buy.
2. After replacing battery , please reset your PC’s  BIOS date and time
3. Sync windows time again.

6 thoughts on “Windows 10 / 11 Always shows Wrong Date & Time issue [Fixed]”

  1. I have been given an easier solution to random (automatic) changes to the time zone.
    Instead of running a batch script setting it back to your correct time zone … simply disable “Auto Time Zone Updater” Service 🙂

  2. Very useful suggestions however none of the solutions worked for me.
    Seems like recent W10 (Dec/21, Jan/22) update introduced some bug where Time zone keeps changing. Think its something to do with call to API which tries to guess location depending on IP or whatnot. Nothing to do with ISP mind you as I tried connecting using my broadband as well as mobile connection. Basically my Time zone keeps changing from GMT to Kuala Lumpur several times a day. I did not install any new software and my laptop is squeaky clean (corporate machine).

    What I did in the end is this:

    1) Created batch job with tzutil /s command to set it to GMT
    2) Created a reoccurring (every minute) OS task to run that job

    Hoping that MS will fix their code with next OS update 🙂

  3. Add one more simple possible fix that worked for me. Restart Windows in Safe Mode, and use control panel to change time zone. When in normal mode, kept getting message I did not have authority to change time zone. In Safe Mode, it accepted change, and computer booted with correct date and time in Normal Mode.

  4. Microsoft have been one of the dominant forces in technology for about 40 years and yet we are still here working around how badly they handle something so basic as time, on their computing platforms. If you are an IT Pro this used to be an issue you had to deal with, work around, fudge and generally fsck about with on your own network. Something most of us will have got pretty good at. However, now we have the nebulous smoke and mirrors of their cloud systems and the terrible way in which they mismanage time settings, from the individual all the way up to the tenant level.

    The really tragic thing about this is, Microsoft are not alone, in how badly the fundamental constant of time is mishandled, amongst all of the technological giants!

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