What is Windows Update Medic Service (WaaSMedicSVC) and How to Disable It

Microsoft introduced this service called Windows Update Medic Service (WaaSMedicSVC) in Windows 10 not so long back. The entire purpose of this service is to fix any damages suffered by the Windows Update components, so that you can continue to receive the Windows updates without any interruption. Therefore, the service is responsible for managing any repairs and for the safety of the Windows Update Components.

What is the SIH Client in Windows 10?

As you boot your Windows 10 system, the OS sets a task in the Task Scheduler on a daily basis and this daily task initiates the SIH client. The job of the SIH client is to identify any corrupt system components and accordingly repair them that are critical for the automatic update of any Windows and Microsoft program installed in your computer. The task actually goes online to check how relevant are the repairs, and then based on the analysis, it downloads the required fixes to complete the repair process.

Can We Turn Off the Windows Media Update Service?

Yes, if you want to disable the service at any time, you can, but when you try to disable it through the Service manager, it gives you an Access Denied prompt. Also, service is disabled only temporarily, as the Windows OS automatically turns the update on at some point.

How to Disable The Windows Update Medic Service


To disable the Windows Update Medic Service you can either use a freeware like a Windows Update Blocker or you can turn it off using the Registry Editor. Let’s see how.

Method 1: By Editing the Registry Editor

Before making any modifications to the Registry Editor, make sure you create a backup of the registry editor settings so that in case you lose in data, you can recover it easily.


Step 1: Press the Win + R hotkey on your keyboard to open the Run command.

Step 2: In the Run command search field, type regedit and press OK to open the Registry Editor window.


Win + R Run Command Regedit Ok


Step 3: Copy the below path and paste it in the Registry Editor address bar:




On the right side of the pane, select Start.


Registry Editor Navigate To Path Waasmedicsvc Right Side Start


Step 4: Double-click on Start to open the Edit DWORD  (32-bit) Value dialogue box.

Go to the Value data field to and change it from 3 to 4.


Edit Dword (32 Bit) Value Value Data 4 Ok


Exit Registry Editor and restart your system. The Windows Update Medic Service is now disabled.

Method 2 – Create a Batch file to disable it quickly

Windows 10 periodic updates override registry fix explained above. So, here is a method to create a batch file and keep it on desktop or any drive. Whenever , it gets started again, just click on this batch file and it will get disabled.

1. Open Notepad.

2. Copy and paste the text given below into the notepad.

echo Windows Update Medic Service
sc stop WaasMedicSvc
REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WaasMedicSvc /v Start /f /t REG_DWORD /d 4

echo Servizio Windows Update
sc stop wuauserv
REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wuauserv /v Start /f /t REG_DWORD /d 4

echo Aggiorna il servizio Orchestrator
sc stop UsoSvc
REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\UsoSvc /v Start /f /t REG_DWORD /d 4


3. Now, Click on File and then click on save as.

Save As File Notepad Min


4. Now, Choose All Files in save as Type option.

5. Name this disablemedic.(You can name it as per your choice)



6. Now, whenever you want to disable , just click on this bat file.

Disable Medic Bat Min


Method 3: Using the Windows Update Blocker


Step 1: Click on the below link to go to download page. Now, locate Windows Update Blocker and click on it to download it:


Software Download Page


Step 2: As soon as you click on the link, the download starts. Click to open the download file and then extract the file in your chosen folder.

Once completed, it will open the Windows Update Blocker box. Under Service Status, click on the Menu button.


Windows Update Blocker Service Status Menu


Step 3: From the context menu, select Windows Services.


Windows Update Blocker Menu Windows Services


Step 4: It opens the Service manager window.

On the right side of the pane, under the Names column, locate Windows Update Medic Service.


Services Name Windows Update Medic Service


Step 5: Double-click on the service to open its Properties window. Under the General tab, go to the Service name section and copy the name – WaaSMedicSvc.


Windows Update Medic Service Properties Waasmedicsvc Copy


Step 6: Now, go back to the folder where you have extracted the Windows Update Blocker software. Now, open the Wub.ini file in Notepad.


Destination Folder Wub.ini Open In Notepad


Step 7: In the Notepad, go to the Service List section and under dosvc=2,4 type WaaSMedicSvc=3,4.

Save and exit.


Notepad Waasmedicsvc Add = 3, 4 Save


Step 8: Now, go back to the Windows Update Blocker box and press the Apply Now button to save the changes.


Windows Update Blocker Apply Now


You have now disabled the Windows Update Medic Service.

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  1. Hi,
    as I read the WaaSMedicSvc is re-activating itself with the methodes 1 and 2, I’ve just try the 3rd methode and now the service is indeed de-activated.
    Hope it will last like this 🙂 if not, I’ll come back to you.

  2. good Morning Mrs. Madhuparna,
    as You describe to deaktivate the WaaSMecicSVC its right, I do it manually since a Year every Week, after I start the NB as soon as posible 7Days, 168 hours, resp. 10080 Minutes, while exactly after this time the WaaSMecicSVC Start will be automatically change the data 4 back to 3 and activate it again.
    I do not find any help for that problem. I find only in the Windows Explorer C:\AppData\Local\Connected Device Plattform, that several files had changed excactly to the same Minute the changed data time when i has change the Start Data back from 3 to 4.
    Have You a solved Tip how I must do, that it does not change the data back from 4 to 3 ?
    Sorry for my bad english as the last experiencet time is more the 30 Years ago and im now 80. Greetings from Switzerland

  3. Thank you! I swear to god every time I turn around Microsoft is implementing some sneaky changes forcing the user into something they don’t want. Now it’s Microsoft Edge. I can’t stand them!

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