Use Windows 10 Share button to share files to Facebook

The new, recently launched Microsoft operating system, Windows 10 has been in the news a lot. It has caused many apple and linux loyal fans to waiver on their loyalty. It offers a new streamlined experience with more User friendly UI and enhanced security features. Amidst the bigger changes, Microsoft introduced a very Useable and much needed feature, The Share Button.

The share Button, has been prominently placed below the File option in the menu bar. In the top left corner, it can be the most useful feature to every user.


What does it do?

As Microsoft introduced apps into Its operating system with Windows 8, it also opened a new world for apps to take advantage of. With the introduction of apps like dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Instagram and many many more, using them still had proved to be a challenge to some users.

With the help of the newly introduced -Share Button in the toolbar, users can now easily share files, images, documents, videos, music etc. To any application that is installed in the PC.

For example

If you have The Facebook app installed on your Windows 10 Pc, and you want to upload five photos to your wall. What do you do?

You would have to Just Open the application

windows 10 introduced the Share Button, to change that experience, along with many other improvements.


Share Button allows you to simultaneously select and share multiple files to whatever platform you choose, provided you have the necessary application installed.

Now Go to your wall

3- Select the option to upload photos.

4- Browse to your photos in the open window, and select one.

5- After you select the app will then upload the photos.

In previous versions of the app you might even be forced to upload a single photo, one by one.

Which is not only tiresome and boring but not at all User Friendly.

Same applied to any other app attempting to share a file via the file explorer.

Due to this many socially active users, in-spite of having the necessary Applications , nobody could really enjoy the experience to the fullest.

How do I use the Share Button?

1- Open the file explorer.

2- Go to the location where the files you want to upload are stored.

3- Select the files you want to upload, via click and drag or ctrl and click or any other method of your choice.

Note: some apps allow only a certain amount of files to be uploaded simultaneously on their platform. Check before hand if your intended Platform has a limitation, and then select accordingly.

4- Now that you have the files selected simply click on the Share button.

5- As soon as you click the share icon, the multi useful Share Charms Bar will appear on the right hand side.

The Share Charm will have a list of all the possible sharing platforms configured with your Operating system, for you to choose from.

6- When you find and click on the option for your preferred Platform in the Share Charm, you will be guided to the application with the upload process one/two clicks away from completion.

For example

If you wanted to upload 5 photos to Facebook

You would.

1- Open the folder containing the photos.

2- Select the to be uploaded, photos.

3- Click on the share icon once selected.

4- Select Facebook from the now opened Share charm.

5- Click on upload in the application and change the privacy if you want to, and its done.

You will now have uploaded your photos to Facebook 🙂