Top 3 ways to turn off personalized ads in windows 10

Top 3 ways to turn off personalized ads in windows 10: – Windows 10 always keeps an eye on it’s users. Yes, literally it does. Windows 10 collects data about users’ usage behavior by monitoring their searches, surfing nature etc. It uses various cookies and related services in order to accomplish this task. Windows 10 does this stalking job for nothing else, but to use this information to efficiently show users the ads they mind find useful. So based on the data collected, Windows 10 can display ads to users which are personalized. The result is increased selling of the products as personalized ads always find a way to leave a mark. But not everybody likes to be stalked. Read on, to learn how to escape windows personalized ads by avoiding it’s tracking.

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WAY 1 – Through your Web Browser

  • Launch your Web Browser. Then click here, to go to the Microsoft opt-out web page as shown in the screenshot. There you will see a box named Personalized ads in this browser. A toggle button will be seen. Turn this OFF if you do not want personalized ads to be shown to you. If you want the personalized ads to be shown, then turn this toggle button ON.


WAY 2 – Through your Microsoft Account

  • Now in the same web page, you will see a second box named Personalized ads whenever I use my Microsoft account right below the first one. There you will see a link named Sign in to change. Click on it, to make the corresponding toggle button active.


  • A click on the Sign in to change link will result in the opening of the following web page. If you do no not have a Microsoft account, you can click on the link named Sign up now. Or click here to create a new Microsoft account.


  • Now that you have a Microsoft account, you can login using your credentials from here.


  • Once you have logged in, the opt out page will show that you have signed in. Now the toggle button will be active as shown in the screenshot. You can turn it ON or OFF as per your preferences just like before.


WAY 3 – Through Windows Apps

  • Click on Start menu to navigate to Settings.


  • From the options available, choose the one that’s labelled Privacy.


  • From the left pane of the window that opens, click on General. Now in the right window pane, find the toggle button corresponding to Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps. Turn this OFF if you do not want personalized ads to be shown to you. Else turn it ON.


There you are. Now you can easily decide whether or not to be shown the personalized ads by windows as simple as that. Hope the article was found useful.