How to Fix Sync Pending Error in OneDrive on Windows 11/10

OneDrive is a cloud storage solution provided by Microsoft that allows users to store and share their files and personal data anywhere and on any device. It can be used for free or comes with a subscription to Microsoft 365. Many users have reported an issue with OneDrive where their files and folders are in the Sync Pending state when trying to synchronize files/folders to OneDrive.

A file/folder whose sync is delayed during the synchronization process will be seen in the Sync Pending state. Whenever the file that is to be uploaded is above the limit on the file upload size in OneDrive, this sync pending issue can be seen. The file/folder syncing process can also be affected by the network connectivity, the number of files/folders that are waiting to be synced, and insufficient space on OneDrive.

How to resolve the OneDrive Sync Pending issue? If you are facing this issue with your OneDrive, then read this article. Here, we have indicated some methods that can be useful to you in fixing this issue on your system.

Fix 1 – Disable the Files On-Demand


1. Press Window + E to open the File Explorer.

2. Here, click on your OneDrive folder in the left pane.

3. Right-click on any empty space inside the folder and click on Show more options.


Onedrive Folder File Explorer Show More Options Min


4. In the menu that opens, choose the Settings option.


Onedrive Folder File Explorer Settings Min


5. Go to the Settings tab.

6- Now, Just Click on Download all Onedrive files Now Once. The folder will open up. Just close the folder.

Now, click OK.

Disable Files On Demand


Note: -If it does not work, Just Click on Download Files as you use them (recommended). Now, Close the folder and click OK.

Again, Go at the same place and this time click Download all onedrive files now. Click OK.

Case – For Older versions of Windows

6. In the Files On-Demand section, uncheck the box next to Save space and download files as you use them.

Note: Here if this checkbox is already unchecked, then go to Fix 2 below.

7. Click on OK in the Disable Files On-Demand dialog that pops up.

8. Again, click on OK to save the changes and close the OneDrive Settings window.


Onedrive Settings Uncheck Save Space Download Files As You Use Them Min


Refresh your OneDrive folder and check if you are able to sync the files/folders without the Sync Pending issue.


Fix 2 – Enable and Disable Files On-Demand


1. Click on the OneDrive icon in the taskbar.

2. Here, click on the Help & Settings (gear) icon at the top-right corner.

3. Choose Settings in the menu that opens up.


Onedrive Taskbar Icon Settings Min


4. Select the Settings tab.

5. Now, check the option Save space and download files as you use them. Click on OK.


Onedrive Settings Check Save Space Download Files As You Use Them Min


6. Again, open the OneDrive Settings window by following Steps 1 – 4 above.

7. Uncheck the option Save space and download files as you use them.

8. In the Disable Files On-Demand dialog, click on OK.

9. Click on OK to close the Settings window.


Onedrive Settings Uncheck Save Space Download Files As You Use Them Min


Check if the OneDrive Sync Pending issue is resolved.


Fix 3 – Reset OneDrive


1. Just hold the Windows and R key combination to open Run.

2. Type the command below and hit Enter.

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

Run Onedrive Reset Command Min


3. If you are not able to see the OneDrive icon in the taskbar after some time, then open Run (Windows + R) and execute the command below.


Run Command To Open Onedrive Min


4. Once this command executes, there will be a blue arrow on the OneDrive icon which means that the file is being synchronized.

5. Once the sync is complete, check if all the files/folders have been synced properly and the issue is fixed or not.

That’s it!

The files/folders sync pending issue with OneDrive must have been resolved after following the fixes mentioned in this article. If you have found this article informative enough, let us know the fix that worked for you in the comments section below.

Additional Methods

Case1  – a hidden folder is showing sync pending

Folder shows Sync pending but no file is visible

If you are unable to pinpoint the file showing sync pending error , then it may be a case that that file is a hidden file. Make sure , files are unhidden on your PC.

If your files are already not hidden, then do this: –

  • Right click and choose new to make a new folder.
  • Now, Move all the files residing in the Sync pending folder to this newly created folder.
  • Now, finally right click and click on delete to Delete the Sync pending folder.

TMP folder files showing this error

  1. Upload the TMP folder to
  2. Now, after the upload , Rename it with a new name . If it shows the wrror that he file is still in use then Reboot your PC and then try to rename again.
  3. Move the file to a folder outside OneDrive on your PC.
  4. Finally Delete it.

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  1. Fix 1 worked for me. Do not understand why I had to do this for my new laptop, I have never had this issue before. All other websites I went to did not have this resolution and nothing else worked, thanks for making it a simple and easy process.

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