How to Fix Error Code 50058 in Teams and OneDrive

Seeing the Error Code 50058 in Teams or OneDrive is nothing new. This error won’t let you sign in to OneDrive or Teams, Outlook, etc. So, you can’t access any services, folders as this is a sync problem. Wondering what you can do in this situation? You can clear out the stored credentialst to fix this Error Code 50058.

Fix 1 – Clear the Teams credentials

You should try to empty the stored up MS apps credentials.

Step 1 – Use the Windows key+R keys together.

Step 2 – Then, paste this and hit Enter.

control keymgr.dll


credential manager control min


Step 3 – Go to the “Web Credentials” tab.


web creds min


Step 4 – Windows stores up all your passwords for all the installed apps. Look whether you can find any Office app credentials. Just expand the particular credential and tap “Remove“.


remove skype min


Step 5 – Make sure to remove all the Office credentials.


remove them min


Step 6 – Switch to the “Windows Credentials” tab.

Step 7 – As the same way as before, look for any Office app credentilas. If you can locate any such item, expand it and remove the credentials.


windows creds min


Exit the Credential Manager window

Step 8 – This is not enough. So, press the Win+I key once.

Step 9 – Then, go to “Accounts“.

Step 10 – On the opposite page, choose “Emails & accounts” to open that.


email and accounts min


Step 11 – Check whether you can find the account that you are using in Office apps.

If the account is there, sign out from that account. After this, restart your computer after this.


Fix 2 – Quit the app and re-open

Just quit the instance of the problematic app and re-open it. This should fix the Error Code 50058, if it’s just a glitch. Otherwise, you can just sign out of the app from outside and try to access the app again.

Step 1 – Tap the arrow key on your taskbar to see the system tray icons.

Step 2 – You will find the MS Office app which is causing this issue. Then, right-click the app (in our case, it is Teams) and tap “Sign out” to sign out from the account.


sign out of it min


Step 3 – Now, launch the app once more.

Step 4 – This time, it will call for the account credentials. Enter your account credentials to sign in to the app once more.

Check whether this way you can get into the app.


Fix 3 – Reset the account password

If removing the Office password doesn’t work, you should reset the account password. What this does is removes access to all the signed-in devices. You can reset the account password form here.

NOTE – Account password reset requires administrative rights. If you don’t have such credentials, inform your IT admin or the concerned authority for those.


Fix 4 – Log out of all SSO apps

The single Sign On (SSO) tool sometimes triggers this issue. So, turning off the SSO app or logging out of it and re-logging into it should help you resolve the issue. Like, if you are using AWS SSO or Azure SSO, signing out and signing into it may help.


Step 5 – Create a new user account

This is the last resort you have. Add/Create a new account and try to use the problematic Office app to bypass the error code 50058.

Step 1 – Open Settings. Open “Accounts” settings.

Step 2 – Scroll down on the right-hand page. Then, open “Email & accounts“.


email and accounts min


Step 3 – Beside the Add a new account option, tap “Add account“.


add account min


Step 4 – Now, just use your email ID, and phone number to create a new account.


use google app min


Follow all the steps for completion of this account creation process.

Step 5 – Now, press the Windows key once and tap “Shut down or sign out“. Then, click “Sign out” to sign out.


sign out of system min


Step 6 – Now, log in using the new account.┬áNow, try to access the Office app from this new app.

This should definitely fix the Error Code 50058 in Teams, OneDrive, or any other MS apps.