[Solved] Bluetooth Keyboard Stop Working in Windows 10 , 11

Bluetooth is a great wireless technology that enables us to connect devices wirelessly on computers. But, often Bluetooth devices like keyboard stops working without giving any error. Many of our users have reported that their wireless Bluetooth keyboards are not working on Windows 10 so we have found these solutions to make wireless Bluetooth keyboards work again.

Note – You can try different USB port also , to make sure the problem is not with your USB port. Also make sure that Airplane mode is disabled on your PC.

Method 1 –  Check Batteries

It may be possible that your keyboard is not working because your keyboard batteries have no power left and needs to be replaced. If you have extra batteries laying around then you can check your keyboard is working with it or not.

Method 2 – Make sure You do not have Airplane mode ON.

1 – Press Windows key + A key together from your keyboard.

2 – Make sure Airplane Mode is not selected and is turned OFF.

Also, Just watch the keyboard of your laptop again and find if there is any physical network key, just try to press them once again and check if it gets solved.

Method 3 – Reinstall Bluetooth Drivers

Faulty drivers can also result in non-working of hardware. But it is easy to reinstall drivers which get corrupted or become faulty. Follow below steps to reinstall Bluetooth device drivers


Step 1. Press Windows and X at the same time and select Device Manager from the menu.


Device Manager


Step 2. Locate your Bluetooth device and select uninstall the device from the right-click menu.


Uninstall Bluetooth Keyboard


Step 3. Click on Uninstall to confirm. Do not check Delete the driver software for this device.


Confirm Uninstall Bluetooth Driver


Step 4. Reboot your computer.


In the rebooting process, your computer automatically installs the Bluetooth drivers again and it will most probably solve your problem. If not, try updating Bluetooth drivers.

Method 4 – make sure Bluetooth support service is up and running

1. Press Windows key + R together to open RUN.

2. Write services.msc in it and click ok to open service manager.


Services.msc 1


3. Locate Bluetooth support service , double click on it.

4. Now, Click on start if it is not running.

5. Also , choose startup type as Automatic from the drop-down menu.

6. Click on OK and close it.

Bluetooth Support Service


Method 5 – Using control panel

1. Open Control panel

2. Choose category from View by options.



2. Click on View Devices & Printers



3. In devices section, locate your Bluetooth keyboard, right click on it and choose properties.

4. Go to services Tab.

5. Check the option , Drivers for keyboard, mouce etc; (HID)

6. Click on Apply and click on OK.

Method 6 – Make sure your device is discoverable

1 – Press Windows key and R key together form your keyboard to open run command box.

2 – Now, write ms-settings:bluetooth in it and click OK.

Ms Setting Bluetooth Min

3 – Now, In the right side , scroll down and locate More Bluetooth options and click on it.


More Bluetooth Settings Min




5. Now, check the box saying Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC.

6. Check other two options also related to alert.

7. Click on Apply and click on OK.



Method 8 – Update Bluetooth Drivers

Updating drivers are essential for the better performance of hardware with the upgrade of the Windows. If you have never updated your Bluetooth driver after Windows 10 update then this issue might be due to this. If your Bluetooth device driver is faulty then you can see a yellow error icon on the Bluetooth device in Device Manager.

To update your Bluetooth device drivers :-

Step 1. Press Windows and X at the same time and select Device Manager from the menu.


Device Manager


2. Now, right click and update your driver. Follow on screen instructions.

Method 9 – Turn off Power Saving

Sometimes Windows automatically turn off some process and hardware to save battery and increase the performance of the computer. This can also cause the sudden non-working of Bluetooth device. You have to turn off the power saving for that device to get rid of this issue. Follow these steps to do the same.


Step 1. Press Windows and X at the same time and select Device Manager.


Device Manager


Step 2. Locate your Bluetooth Device and select properties from the right-click menu.


Bluetooth Properties


Step 3. In the Power Management tab, uncheck on the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Click OK.


Power Management Bluetooth


This method will turn off the power saving on the Bluetooth device and it will not turn off Bluetooth again automatically.

Method 10 – use fsquirt to open bluetooth

1 -search fsquirt in windows search box.

2 -Now, click on it.

3 -Now, use this to send and receive files.

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