Keyboard shortcuts are not working in MS Outlook : Fix

The experience and ease of using Microsoft Outlook improves with the proper usage of keyboard shortcuts. So, if the keyboard shortcuts stop working suddenly, using Outlook can become extremely problematic. This troubleshooting guide should help you troubleshoot this problem with the keyboard shortcuts in Outlook.

Fix 1 – Eradicate any Add-in conflicts

Possibly a third-party app add-in is causing this problem. So, you should disable all of those and check.

Step 1 – You must try this out on the Outlook Home page.

Step 2 – Next, go to the “File” tab.

Step 3 – Later, click the “Options” menu.


options min


Step 4 – Go to the “Add-ins” pane on the left tab.

Step 5 – Later, switch the box to “COM Add-ins” and click the “Manage” option.


com add ins go min e1709798211332


Step 6 – As this loads up the entire list of COM Add-ins associated with the Outlook client, remove the check mark from all the boxes.

Step 7 – Later, click “OK“.


disable the com add ins outlook min e1709801111501


This should temporarily disable all the plug-ins in the Outlook client on your device.

Quit and relaunch the Outlook client one more time. Later, retry using the same shortcuts again.


Fix 2 – Reset all the keyboard shortcuts

Unnecessary shortcuts in the MS Outlook can lead to this problem. You must reset all the keyboard shortcuts.

Step 1 – Return to the MS Outlook client.

Step 2 – Next, go this way –

File > Options


Step 3 – While you are on the Outlook Options page, go to the “Customize Ribbon” section.

Step 4 – Later, click the “Keyboard Shortcuts: Customize” option.


customize min e1709735693703


Step 5 – While you are in the Customize Keyboard page, click the “Reset All” button to reset all the keyboard customizations in the MS Outlook app.


reset all min


After resetting all the shortcuts in Outlook, close and relaunch the client.

Test the functionality of the keyboard shortcuts in Outlook client and test.


Fix 3 – Switch the Filter keys/Switch Keys

Possibly the Switch or Filter keys are misconfigured on your device.

Step 1 – Open the Settings.

Step 2 – Next, click the “Accessibility” tab from the left tab.

Step 3 – After this, open the “Keyboard” settings.


keyboard min e1709787935409


Step 4 – There, you will find the “Sticky Keys” and “Filter Keys“.

StepĀ  5 – If these are enabled, make sure to disable both options there.


off sticky filter keys min


Return to Microsoft Outlook and give the shortcuts another try.


Fix 4 – Change the language

Sometimes the language you are using on your computer also matters. So, consider changing the language on your system.

Step 1 – Begin by opening the Settings. Quickly, tap the Win+I buttons together.

Step 2 – Tap the “Time & Language” settings. Next, click the “Language & region” settings.


Language And Region Min


Step 3 – Next, tap the “Edit language and keyboard options” setting and open that up.

Step 4 – Check the Preferred languages tab as well. Tap the dot button next to your primary language on the device and click “Language options“.


language options min


Step 5 – Inspect whether all the features of the language are installed on your device.

Step 6 – If you find anything missing, install those using the “Install” option provided there.


language download min


Sometimes, when you use a custom keyboard in Windows, it may not have all the shorcut key bindings.

If you are using any such keyboard, you can also consider using the “Add a keyboard” function to add a new keyboard.


Fix 5 – Use the Fn key

Some of the functions in Outlook and other Microsoft Office suite apps may need the Fn key to be used properly.

Just try pressing the Fn+Shortcut keys together to activate and use the shortcut function. In some cases, you may have to use the Enter key altogether to get the shortcut function working in MS Outlook.

Additional Tips

Apart from these solutions, you can try these solutions as well –

1. Avoid using any key tweaking software or uninstall any of such sorts of apps from your computer.