How to save all pictures from Microsoft Word to a folder in Windows 10 / 11

Many times, when you are writing an article on a Word file, you may need to insert images. When required, you can also simply right-click on these images, copy, and paste them on another Word document easily. But, if you want to save these images to the desktop, you cannot simply copy the images and paste on desktop. Wen you try to paste the image on the desktop, you can see a grayed out Paste option in the right-click menu.

You will have to save them as pictures one by one instead, which can be time consuming. So, how do you copy images from word files to your PC all at once? There is a solution for that and it’s quite convenient. Let’s find out how.

Solution 1 : By Saving As Web page


Step 1: Go to the desired Word file from which you want to save the images to your desktop, and click on the File tab on the upper left of the document.


Word File Tab



Step 3: Now, go to Save As, click on This PC and select Desktop on the right.


Save As This Pc Desktop


Step 4: In the Save As window, go to Save as type, select the Web Page option from the menu, and press the Save button.


Save As Type Web Page Save


Step 5: Close the Word file. Go to Desktop and you will see one photos folder and web page file for the article. Click on the photos folder and drag and drop the images to the desktop.


Word File Saved As Web Page File Photos Folder


That’s all. So, this is how you can easily copy the images from Word file to Desktop.

Solution 2 : By changing to zip format

Note: Before using this method, you must unhide the extension on your PC. Once you are sure, extensions are being shown on your PC, proceed with steps shown below.

1 – Just save a copy of the word file. You can also create a copy of the file.

2 -Now, rename this Word file by removing the .docx extension to .zip.


Rename Zip Min


3 – Right click  and click on Extract all 

Extract Zip Min


4 – Now, Go inside the extracted folder.

Locate word folder and Go inside word folder.


Extracted Word Zip Min


5 – Now, Go inside media folder

Word Zip Media Min


6 – Here you will find all the pictures of Microsoft word in one place

Word Pics Min


Solution 3 : Saving all Pics individually

If you want to save a single picture of Microsoft word, you can simplly , right click on any picture inside word and then click save as to save the picture anywhere on your pc.

Save Pictures Min