How To Fix Mouse Cursor Disappearing In Google Chrome

Are you facing an issue where your mouse cursor disappears whenever you are trying to browse the web? Well, it can be confusing especially, if the cursor is working for every other part of the system except when you are browsing. And, then you come to know that the problem is happening only when you are trying to browse the web in Google Chrome. This is a known issue with the Google Chrome browser.

However, there’s an easy fix for it within the browser. Let’s see how.

Solution 1 : Through Google Chrome Settings


Step 1: Open Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots on the extreme upper right corner of the browser, and then click on Settings in the context menu.


Google Chrome Three Vertical Dots On Upper Right Settings


Step 2: In the Settings window, scroll down and expand the Advanced option.


Settings Advancd Expand


Step 3: Now, scroll down and under the System section, turn off the slider next to Use hardware acceleration when available. Click the Relaunch button next to it restart your Chrome browser.


System Use Hardware Acceleration When Available Turn Off Slider Relaunch


That’s it. Now, your issue of cursor disappearing in Google Chrome should be resolved. You can now browse normally.

Solution 2 : Restart Chrome

1 – Just go to chrome://restart from the address bar of chrome.

Chrome Restart Min

2 – It will restart chrome and your problem may be fixed.


Solution 3 : End task of Chrome from Task manager

1 – Press CTRL + SHIFT + Esc keys from the keyboard to open task manager.

2 – Now, locate chrome and right click and end task.


End Task Chrome Min

3- Now, open Chrome normally again.

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Solution 4 – Disable Tablet Mode

1 -Press Windows key and A key together to open action centre

2 – Now, disable Tablet mode

Tablet Mode Min

Now, try to use cursor on Chrome again

Solution 5 – Update Google chrome

1 -Open Google chrome

2 -Now, go to chrome://settings/help in chrome

3 -Now, let the browser update itself automatically if it is not updated.

Update Chrome Min


4 -Once the update is 100% , click relaunch to relaunch the browser.

Screenshot 2022 07 06 155052 Min

Now, try again.

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  1. The easy fix is to open Google (Docs) in Edge. Fixed the problem. I’ll never go back to Chrome. Why? They can fix a basic problem? Microsoft seems to be on top of things.

  2. Thank you so much. That fixed my problem right away. I also switched the hardware acceleration back on after the relaunch and it’s still working fine.

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