How to Fix Low Call Volume Problem on iPhone [Solved]

Calling and Text Messages are the basic features of a mobile device and if there is any problem while using them, it should be considered a major issue.

Recently we have been getting a lot of reports from iPhone users saying that they are not able to hear while talking to others over the phone since the call volume is very low.

There are quite many reasons responsible for this issue and some of which are listed below.

  1. Dirt accumulated in and around the ear speaker of your iPhone.
  2. The hearing Aid compatibility option is disabled.
  3. Internal technical glitches within the iPhone.
  4. The outdated software iOS on the iPhone.
  5. Very tight iPhone case.
  6. iPhone connected to a Bluetooth device nearby.

On researching the above factors, we have been able to gather some excellent troubleshooting tips for resolving this issue in the article below.

Preliminary Tips

  1. Restart the iPhone – If you don’t clear any minor internal technical faults on iPhone, it will cause different issues including the one discussed above. To clear them, you have to restart your iPhone and check.
  2. Update your iPhone – Many times, we forget to update the latest iOS software on our iPhones and this could lead to several problems. Therefore, you better update your iPhone on a regular basis and make it a standard practice.
  3. Check the iPhone Cover/Case – When your iPhone case is very tight, it puts pressure on the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone. This might be the reason why your call volume gets low while talking since the volume down button gets pressed automatically due to the pressure. So remove the iPhone case and get a new better one.
  4. Clean the Ear Speaker of the iPhone – If the ear speaker has all the specks of dirt accumulated in and around it, it can cause disturbance or blockage in hearing while talking on the iPhone. So take a toothbrush and remove all the dirt from the ear speaker and then try calling someone and check the results.


Fix 1 – Turn Off the Bluetooth on the iPhone

Step 1: Open the Settings page.

Step 2: Go to the Bluetooth option by clicking on it from the settings page as shown.


Bluetooth settings 11zon


Step 3: Then turn off the Bluetooth option by tapping on the toggle button.


disable bluetooth 11zon


Step 4: This will disconnect your iPhone from any nearby Bluetooth device such as a speaker, etc.

Step 5: If you are using AirPods or any other earphones, you have to refresh the Bluetooth connectivity once.

Step 6: To do that, you have to turn off the Bluetooth option once as mentioned in Step 3.

Step 7: After some time, enable the Bluetooth option once again on the iPhone to connect to your earphones.


Enable Bluetooth 11zon


Fix 2 – Enable the Hearing Aid Compatibility

Step 1: Launch the Settings app by clicking on the settings icon.

Step 2: Scroll down and select the Accessibility option from the list.


Accessibility 11zon 1


Step 3: Click on the Hearing Devices option.


hearing devices 11zon


Step 4: Enable the Hearing Aid Compatibility feature by clicking on its toggle button.


enable hearing aid compatibility 11zon


Fix 3 – Increase the Call Volume

If the volume is low while talking to others over the call, it may be because the volume down button might have been pressed unknowingly by you.

Therefore, this can be resolved easily by increasing the volume. For that, you have to make a call and once the call is connected, keep pressing the volume up button to reach the maximum level.


Fix 4 – Put Call on Speaker Mode

If you have tried most techniques to fix this issue and still have not succeeded, you can try putting your iPhone on speaker mode while talking on a call.

Step 1: Go to your Phone app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Make a call.

Step 3: While the call is trying to connect, tap on the speaker option on the call screen as shown below.


speaker mode on 11zon


Step 4: Then speaker mode gets activated and you will be able to hear the call through the iPhone speaker.

Fix 5 – Reset All Settings on your iPhone

At last, if there is nothing left to try, you can reset all the settings of your iPhone because it is quite difficult to check which settings might have been altered on the iPhone. So try doing the reset all settings on your iPhone and then this issue would be fixed easily.