Fix: We can’t sign in into your account in Windows 10 / 11

Windows 10 users (mainly those who have just upgraded their Windows 10) are facing an issue as they are denied to log in to their account. An error message stating “We can’t sign in into your account” is denying them access to their account. If you are facing the same issue on your computer and looking for a solution, you are in the right place. This error usually occurs when Windows receives a major update (like Windows Update 1903). Don’t worry there are fixes available to solve your problem. Attempt these solutions to solve your problem. But before going ahead to the main solutions, don’t forget to attempt these workarounds which may solve your problem with minimal efforts.

Initial Workarounds

1. Sometimes, Antivirus blocks your access to your account. Temporarily disable the antivirus you are using on your computer and try accessing your computer.

2. Virus/malware can cause this problem on your computer. Full scan your computer files and reboot your computer after the completion of your scan.

After attempting these fixes, if you still can’t access your account, go through these fixes-

Fix-1 Change the Value Data of ProfileImagePath-

You can fix your computer by fixing the corrupted files on your computer. To do so, follow these steps minutely on your computer.

1. First, we have to open the Run window. To do so just press “Windows key+R” together.

2. Now, type “cmd” in the Run window and then click on “OK“.




2. To change the administratorship, type or copy-paste this commadn in Command Prompt and hit Enter.

net user administrator /active:yes

Net User Admin Cmd


3. Restart your computer. Sign in with an administrator account on your device.

4. Now, we need to open the Registry Editor. So, press ‘Windows key+R‘ which will open the Run window.

5. Press Windows key+R together, type “regedit” and then click on “OK“.


Regedit Run


6. Navigate to this location on the left pane of Registry Editor,

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList


7. Now, as you expand “ProfileList” you will see a list of subkeys named “S-1-5-yy-xxx…” (like “S-1-5-21“or “S-1-5-18” ).

8. Now, click on each of the keys, and the right pane of each of the subkeys, try to find “C:\Users\%Your account/user name%”  as the Data of an Expandable String Value called “ProfileImagePath“.

(Just for an example, If your account name is “Sambit” then you will find the value data as “C:\Users\Sambit“. in the “ProfileImagePath“).




9. Now, on the left pane right-click on the subkey which contains “C:\Users\%Your account/user name%” and click on “Delete” to delete the key.


Delete Key


10. Now, again on the left pane of the Registry Editor, try to find the subkey which contains  “C:\Users\%AccountName.ComputerName%” ( Example- “C:\Users\Sambit.Dell” ) as Data of “ProfileImagePath“.

11. Double click on the “ProfileImagePath” and in the Value Data remove the. (Dot) and the Computer Name and click on “OK” to save the changes.

(Example– If your account name is “Sambit” and your Computer name is “Dell“, and you see the data of “ProfileImagePath” as “C:\Users\Sambit.Dell” then double click on “ProfileImagePath” and change the Value Data to “C:\Users\Sambit” and then click on “OK” to save the changes).


Delete Computer Name


Close Registry Editor window.

10. Press Windows Key+E to open the File Explorer window.  Now, click on “View” in the Menu bar and then click on “Options“.




11. Now, in the Folder Options window, check the option “Show Hidden Files” and uncheck the option “Hide Protected operating system files“.


Check Uncheck


12. Now, press Windows Key+E to File Explorer window. Then, copy these four files from”C:\Users\%AccountName.ComputerName%” folder (e.g. from “C:\Users\Sambit.Dell“) and paste them in the “C:\Users\%AccountName%” folder (e.g. to “C:\Users\Sambit“):


13. Restart your computer.

Now, sign in to your original account and you should be able to sign in without any error.

If still you are facing this issue then go for our next solutions.

Fix-2 Deleting Registry key and trying adding account

1 – Press Windows key+R together, type “regedit” and then click on “OK“.


Regedit Run


2 – Go to the path given below


3 – Now, expand StoredIdentities and delete your account folder

Screenshot 2022 12 18 093108 Min

4 – Now, try adding your account again.

Fix 3 – Running net commands in cmd

1 – Boot your PC into safe mode

2 – Now, search cmd and then do a right click on command prompt icon and then click on run as admin

Cmd Admin 17 Min


3 – Now, run the commands given below one by one

 net user /add username mypassword
net localgroup administrators username /add
net share concfg*C:\\\\/grant:username ,full
net user username

Replace username with your computer username

4 -Close cmd window , Restart your computer and try again.

Fix-4 Uninstall previous Windows Updates-

If your computer has received a recent Windows Update then the update may be causing the issue with Sign in the problem you are currently facing on your device. Follow these easy steps to uninstall the recent Windows updates from your device.

1. Open the Run window by pressing the Windows key and the ‘R‘ key together.

2. In the Run window, you need to type “appwiz.cpl” and then click on “OK“.




3. Now, on the left pane of Programs and Features window, you have to click on “View Installed Updates“.


View Installed Updates


4. In Installed Updates window, under the “Microsoft Updates” section, check for the recent updates (look for the column “Installed On” ).

5. Double click on the most recent update to uninstall it.


Uninstall Winows Update


6. Finally, when a prompt appears, click on “Yes” to uninstall the update.


Uninstall Yes


Windows will uninstall the update. Your computer will be restarted after uninstalling the update.

After rebooting your computer check if you are still facing the issue or not. Go for the next fix if your issue remains unsolved.


Fix-5 Use System Restore on your computer-

Follow these easy steps to restore your system to the latest restore point.

1. You need to open the Run window by pressing the Windows key+R.

2. Here, you have to type “sysdm.cpl” and then click on “OK“.


Run System Properties


2. At the first step, go to the”System Protection” tab

3. Then, click on “System Restore“.

4. After that, you need to click on  “Choose a different restore point“.

5. Finally, click on “Next“.




6. From the list of available restore points, click on the latest restore point.

7. Now, click on the “Next“.




8. Click on “Finish” to finish the process.


Confirm Restore


This process may consume some time.

Your problem should be solved.

If you are still unable to sign in to your account, you can check if you have any Windows Update pending on your computer.

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