Fix mouse pointer is not appearing on Windows 10 / 11

Windows 11 and Windows 10 users are reporting to have an issue with disappearing mouse pointer on their computers. The majority of the users who are facing this problem are using Windows 10 on a touch screen device, where “touch” and “mouse pointer” both options are available. If the mouse pointer is disappearing on your computer that may be because your mouse pointer driver is outdated or maybe because you forget to turn off Tablet mode.

It is a possibility that your mouse has gone out of order. So, it is better to try your mouse on another computer. If it is working fine in another computer then go for these fixes-

If the mouse is not working for you then you have to try all these fixes with the keyboard.

Fix 1 – Try pressing certain Keys from your Laptop 

In some acer Laptops there is a touchpad enable and disable function using F7 key in laptop keyboard. So, Press F7. Similarly, there may be some Touchpad enable disable key in other laptops, Locate and Press them,

Before proceeding towards the solutions, you may press Fn+Esc keys together from your keyboard or Fn+F9 keys together from your keyboard and check if the mouse cursor starts showing up again or not. For most of the users, this works.

If Fn+ F9 do not work try pressing these keys: –

  • f7
  • FN F6
  • Fn + F3
  • fn + f11
  • Fn + F4
  • Fn + F5
  • Fn + F9
  • Fn+ F2


Fix-2 Disable and Enable Mouse in Device manager

1 – Search device manager in Windows search box and then click on it to Open Device manager.

2 -Now, In device manager, Just expand Mice and Other pointing devices.

3 – Right click on your Mouse driver and choose enable device.

Disable Mouse Min



4 -Now, Again, Right click on it and Click Enable Device to enable it again.

Close the device manager window and try again.

Fix 3 – Check battery of Mouse

Check Mouse battery and try to change it if it is low. Sometimes Low battery of Mouse may be the reason of this issue.

Mouse Battery

Fix 4 –  Check this mouse with another PC

Take out the mouse and insert it into any other laptop or PC and see if it works or not. If it works on another device, it means that the mouse is not having any issue and the PC is having issue. If it is not working on other device also, that shows , Mouse may be having an issue. Try to change the mouse.

Fix 5 –  Uncheck Hide pointer while typing option

1 – Open RUN by pressing Windows and R key jointly

2 -Now, type MAIN.CPL in it and click OK.

Main Cpl Min


3 – Click Pointer Options Tab.

4 – Now, Uncheck Options Hide pointer while typing 

5 -Click Apply and OK.

Hide Pointer While Typing Min

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Fix-6 Update your mouse driver

If your mouse driver has a corrupted driver then it will stop working, which means you will not find any mouse pointer or cursor on the screen. Updating your mouse driver may fix the problem. Follow these steps to update your mouse driver

1. At first, just press the Windows key and the R keys to open Run.

2. Now, type “devmgmt.msc” and hit Enter.

Device Manager utility will open.


Run Devicemanager


3. Press Tab and the first term on the list will be highlighted.

4. Now, press down arrow until you have reached “Mice and other pointing devices“. Now press the right side arrow to expand it.

5. Now, select the mouse device you are using with a down arrow. Finally, hit Enter to open the “Properties” of that device.



Update Key Witthout Mouse


6. Now, in the Properties window, press Tab for three times- that will highlight the “General” tab.

7. Press the right arrow to go the “Driver” tab.

8. Now again press Tab to select the option that says “Update driver” and hit Enter.


Update Driver


9. You will be asked, “How do you want to search for the drivers?“. Just hit Enter to choose the option “Search automatically for updated driver software“.



Driver Update


Wait till Windows searches for a compatible driver for your keyboard driver, downloads it and installs it.

Press ‘Alt+F4‘ to close the Device Manager window. Reboot your computer.

Check if you can see the mouse pointer. If still you can not see the mouse pointer on your computer, go for the next fix.

Fix-7 Re-enable your mouse pointer from mouse settings

If you have recently upgraded your Windows, then it is possible that Windows disabled your mouse during the update, and didn’t enable it again. So, you have to enable mouse manually-

1. Press the Windows key in your keyboard and start to type “mouse settings” and hit Enter.


Mouse Settings


2. Now, press Tab until “Additional mouse options” is highlighted under “Related settings” options and hit Enter.

This will open the ‘Mouse Properties‘ window.


Additional Mouse Opttions


3. Now, press the Tab button for 5 times to highlight “Buttons” and then press the right side arrow key to go the “Device Settings“.

4. Now in the Device Settings press Tab until you select ‘Enable‘. and hit Enter. This will enable the mouse again.

Device Settings Enable


5. Reboot your computer to save the changes.

Check if you can find the mouse pointer on your computer after restart. Go for the next fix if you still can’t find your mouse pointer on your computer.

Fix 8 – Remove any older mouse you are not using

Maybe you have changed your mouse recently and you forget to remove the older devices from your computer. Follow these steps to remove any older mouse-

1 –  Search Bluetooth and other devices settings

Bluetooth Devices Settings Min


2 –  Now, Click on 3 dots to the right of USB device and click on Remove device.


Remove Usb Min



Now, press Alt+F4 to close the Settings. Restart your computer and check if you can find your mouse pointer on your computer.


For those who are using a wireless mouse

1. Check your mouse battery.

2. Disconnect and connect your mouse with the computer.

3. Disconnect the USB adapter physically you are using for the mouse and connect the USB adapter again.

For those who are using touchscreen devices (like Surface devices)-

As these devices accept two types of input ( touch and external mouse),  the users face this problem frequently. You can attempt these fixes on your device-

1. Disable the Tablet mode

When you are using your device in touch screen mode, switching to the Tablet mode may be handy, but sometimes it prevents Mouse pointer to appear on your computer.

1. Touch on the Notification Center icon at the bottom right corner. In the Notification Center area, make sure ‘Tablet mode’ is not highlighted.


Tablet Mode


2. Try Disengaging Surface Pen from your device-

The problem of not seeing the mouse pointer is maybe because your Surface device is connected with the Surface Pen. Sometimes mouse pointer becomes too small to notice. Try disengaging the S-pen for a while.

Check if you can see the mouse pointer on your computer.