One of the reasons behind Blue Screen of Death errors is issues with the device drivers. Users have reported the following Blue Screen error while using Windows 10:


It is accompanied by the codes: 0x000000D5, 0xb10BBD9E, 0x0D82DA24, 0Xfecd479D, 0x779827CB.

Driver Page Fault In Freed Special Pool In Windows 10


This error occurs when a driver tries to reference a memory which was freed earlier. However, since the memory has been freed, the referencing doesn’t happen, the Driver Verifier tool detects the fact and the system shuts down with a Blue Screen error.

An obvious cause behind the problem is an obsolete driver which doesn’t recognize the change since it isn’t updated.

Preliminary steps

1] Run the Blue Screen troubleshooter: Go to Settings >> Updates and Security >> Blue Screen troubleshooter.

Blue Screen Troubleshooter

2] Update Windows since it also updates the drivers. Here’s the procedure to update drivers in Windows 10.

Thereafter, proceed with the following solutions:

1] Disable the Driver Verifier

2] Update the SSD firmware

3] Update the device drivers

Note: If you are unable to log on to the system directly, try booting the system in Safe Mode. Here’s the procedure to boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode.

Solution 1 ] Disable Hardware acceleration in Chrome

1] Go to Chrome

2] Open Three Dots Menu in top right.

3] Click on settings

4] Scroll down and Click on Advanced.

5] Now, in Systems , Juts toggle off Hardware acceleration as shown.


Hardware Acceleration


Solution 2] Update the SSD firmware

Users have reported that updating the SSD firmware has helped them resolve the issue. The SSD firmware tool to update for Intel devices could be downloaded and installed from here.

Solution 3] Update the device drivers

The procedure to update the device drivers has been explained here. However, it would be difficult to update all the device drivers one by one. Hence it is advised to use a third-party software to update device drivers.


Update Bluetooth Drivers


Solution ] Disable the Driver Verifier

The Driver Verifier is the tool which checks that the driver is trying to reference freed memory and informs the system thus causing the Blue Screen error. Till the issue is fixed, we could disable the Driver Verifier tool (which could be enabled later). Here’s the procedure for the same:

1] Search for Command Prompt in the Windows Search bar and right-click on it. Select Run as administrator.

2] Type the following command and press Enter to execute it:

verifier.exe /reset

Command Line To Disable Driver Verifier Tool

3] Restart the system once done.