Fix Audio Services Not Responding in Windows 10 / 11

If you are using windows 11 or Windows 10 and You have received this error message saying Audio Services Not Responding, then you don’t need to worry as in this article i have compiled 100% working ways to fix Audio Services Not Responding problem. The most common underlying cause of this Audio services not responding problem is corrupt audio drivers. If they are outdated and corrupt, this error may occur. There may also be some dependent services of the audio service which may not be running and thats why the Audio services may have stopped working.

Fix 1 – Using service manager

1. Press Windows key + R together to open run.

2. Now, write services.msc in it and click OK.

Services.msc 1



3. Now, Locate Windows Audio service from the list. Right Click on Windows Audio service and Choose Properties.

Windows Audio Properties Min


4. Make sure that Service is Running and Startup type is set to Automatic. If not then Start the service and Change the startup type to Automatic.


Windows Audio Service Running Automatic Min


5. Now, Right click on Windows Audio service and Restart the service


Restart Windows Audio


6. Similarly Locate these two services also and repeat the steps from 3 to 7 .

Windows Audio Endpoint Builder 

Plug and Play

7. Now, Locate these services Given below and make sure they are running. If they are not running, Just right click on them and Choose start.

DCOM Server Process Launcher 

RPC Endpoint Mapper

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)


Audio Service Not Responding Fix Min


Fix 2 – Using Command Prompt

1. Search cmd in Windows 10 Taskbar search.

2. Right Click on cmd icon and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR


Cmd Run As Admin Min


3. Execute the command given below by copy and pasting this on your command prompt window and hitting enter key.

net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice

4. Again copy and paste the command given below and hit enter key to execute.

net localgroup Administrators /add localservice

5. Now, close the cmd window and restart your computer.

Fix 3 – Check Microphone access

1 – Search Microphone Privacy settings in Search Box

Microphone Privacy Settings Min


2 – Now, make sure the Microphone access and App access is turned ON.


App Access Microphone Min

Fix  4 – Using Regedit

1. Search Regedit in Windows 10 search box. Now, click on registry editor

Regedit Min


2. Now, Browse to the following location in the registry editor.


3. In the right side double click on ServiceDll.

4. Make sure that value data is set to %SystemRoot%\System32\AudioEndpointBuilder.dll

If not change it to %SystemRoot%\System32\AudioEndpointBuilder.dll

Audio Not Reposnding Reg Fix Min


Fix 5 – Install High definition audio device

1 – Search Device manager in Windows taskbar search box.

2 – Now, click on Device manager icon which is just showing up in results.

Device Manager Min


3 -Double click on Sound Video and game controllers to expand.

Now, Locate your Audio device (For example Realtek audio) and right click on it and click on Update 

Update Device Driver Min


4 – Click on Browse my computer for drivers

5 – Click on Let me Pick from a list of available drivers

Let Me Pick Min


6 – Now, select High definition Audio device from the list and click on Next.

High Definition Audio Device Min


Let it automatically install the basic audio device from your PC. Now, try again

Fix 6 – Restore your PC

1 – Open RUN by pressing windows key and R key.

2 – Type rstrui in it and click OK.


Rstrui 1 Min


3 – Nown restore your pc to an earlier date.


Fix 7 – Using system properties

1. Press Windows key + R together to open run.

2. Now, Write sysdm.cpl in it and click OK.

Sysdm Cpl Min


3. Choose Hardware tab and then Click on Device Installation Settings

Device Installation Settings Min Min


4. Select the second option saying No (your device might not work as expected)  and then click on Save Changes.

No Devicedriver Installation Settings

5. Press Windows key + X together and Click on device manager to open it.


Device Manager Win X Min


6. Expand Sound, video and game controllers.

7. Select your sound driver and then do a right click and then choose uninstall.


Uninstall Sound Driver

8. Now, Click on Action and then click on Scan for hardware changes.


Scan Hardware Changes Min



Fix 8 – Using Msconfig

1. Search msconfig in windows 10 taskbar search


Syatem Config Min


2. Now,  click on services tab .

3. Locate these two services from the list.

  • Windows Audio Endpoint builder
  • Windows audio

4. Make sure they are checked. If they are not checked, check those two services.

Windows Audio Endpoint Service Min

5. Click on Apply and close the window.

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  1. Did all these steps and still no sound. Seem like something ‘migrated’ my audio driver last week and I cannot recover sound play.
    I also installed the manufacturers troubleshooter and updater and still no success with new drivers.
    Any other ideas would be helpful and appreciated.

    Thank you

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