How to use the Find function in Edge browser in Windows 10

The Edge web browser offers great features which can be used extensively. One of its known attributes, “Find on page” is used to extract same or similar texts on web pages. By using this feature, we can locate data effectively if the size of the web page is large & contains too much information.

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In this article, we’ll follow certain steps on how to use the Find function in Edge web browser in Windows 10:

Step 1:

Click on the “Edge” icon to open “Edge” web browser from the Windows Taskbar.



Step 2:

Click on the “…” (More Actions) icon.




Step 3:

Click on “Find on Page” section.

Note: This section helps to find letters, symbols & words in web pages.

Press Ctrl + F to instantly open Find on Page Search Box in the browser




Step 4:

Enter any word to find its exact location in a given web page. For instance, we have entered “Friday” and found the location of the given word.


Note: The word which is matched first is shown in blue color and others are seen in yellow color. As we select the next position of the same word, the color of the word is changed to blue & for others, it is changed to yellow.


Step 5:

If your entered letters are parts of a long word, you can omit this option by choosing “Match whole word” under the “Option” section. In simple words, you can match the exact word & not the letters which are the part of some other word.



Step 6:

Another option which is “Match case”, is used to find the words which are exactly the same (case-sensitive). It is also found under the “Option” section.