How to enable or disable Taskbar Thumbnail Preview

Taskbar previews let you take a glance directly at the opened tabs without maximizing them. But, when you are working with many applications, seeing the thumbnails while just moving your mouse can be quite distracting. Yes, you can easily enable or disable the Taskbar previews on your Windows 10, and 11 devices. There are certain ways you can hide/show the taskbar previews on your device.

Way 1 – Disable Peek settings in

You can easily turn off the Peek settings from the Advanced System settings page and get away with it.

Step 1 – By pressing both the Windows and R keys at once, you can open the Run box.

Step 2 – Then, write this and hit Enter.



sydm cpl min


Step 3 – After opening System Properties, head on to the “Advanced” area.

Step 4 – In this area, you can find the Performance zone. To modify that, tap “Settings…“.


advanced settings min


Step 5 – Look whether you can see the “Visual Effects” tab. Go there.

Step 6 – Now if you want to disable the Thumbnail Preview, just uncheck the “Enable Peek” option.


enable peek min


Step 7 – On the same page, tap “Apply” and “OK” to save this performance change.


apply ok to save this min


Exit System Properties. Now, try to take a peek a look at the thumbnails of the app. You can’t see the thumbnails again.


Way 2 – Create a registry key to disable peek

Taskbar thumbnails appear after a preset time. So, you can set this time limit to the extent that thumbnails won’t appear. But, remember to create a registry backup before you proceed.

Step 1 – Write “registry” after pressing the Start key once.

Step 2 – Next, tap “Registry Editor” to open it.


regedit registry editor min 1
regedit registry editor min 1


Step 3 – Upon reaching the Registry Editor page, get to this registry key –


Step 4 – Then, go to the right-hand page. There, right-click on the space, tap “New” and click¬†DWORD (32-bit) Value” to create such a value.


new dword 32 bit val min


Step 5 – Remember to name this value as “ExtendedUIHoverTime“.

Step 6 – Don’t forget to double-tap the value to adjust it.


dc extended UI hover time min


Step 7 – Now, here you have to write the delay*1000 format. Like, if you want 25 seconds of delay before the thumbnail show up, you have to write 25*1000=25000 in the box.

Write “25000” in the Value data box.

Step 8 – Then, click “OK” to save the change.


25000 ok min


Get out of the Registry Editor page. Don’t forget to restart the computer, so that this change can take effect.

So, the peek thumbnails won’t appear over the apps immediately after you hover your mouse in the taskbar. But, after 25 seconds the preview will appear. This shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

NOTE – If you want to reset the taskbar thumbnail feature to normal, you can follow these steps to do that –

Step 1 – Go to the Registry Editor page.

Step 2 – Get straight to this location –


Step 3 – Just select the “ExtendedUIHoverTime” value and tap “Delete” to delete the value.


delete ui extended min


Step 4 – Click “Yes” if a warning message appears.


yes min 1


Reboot the system. Deleting the registry value should revert the taskbar thumbnails back to normalcy.


Way 3 – Edit the Taskbar Thumbnail policy

If you are using Windows Pro or Enterprise, there is an additional way you can enable or disable the Taskbar Thumbnail. That is the way of using the group policy.

Step 1 – You can directly open the Group Policy Editor from the Start. So, type “gpedit.msc“.

Step 2 – Then, click the “gpedit.msc” to open it up.


gpedit min


Step 3 – Now, following this path, reach the specific location on the left pane –

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar


Step 4 – On the right-hand pane, you can see the “Turn off taskbar thumbnails” policy.

Step 5 – Now, double-tap the same policy to access that.


turn off this notifcations min


Step 5 – Just switch this policy to “Enabled” mode.

Step 6 – To save these changes, tap “Apply” and “OK“.


enabled policy min


Exit the Policy Editor page. Then, restart your system. After rebooting the system, you won’t see the taskbar thumbnails again.

If you ever want to go back, you have to just disable the Turn off taskbar thumbnails policy in the same location.


disable the policy min


This way, you can take control over the Thumbnail preview of taskbar items.