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  1. AOA says

    Great pranks haven’t tried them yet because I’m scared to break my friends computer coz I don’t really like to see my friends frustrated coz it makes me frustrated I don’t know if it’s understandable and comment down below if you are in South Africa

  2. Alfred says

    haha my friends pc is complete roken, he bought a new one a fixed it and when he was i broke them both and he broke them i told him it was a prank and he told me “he was evicted” bro we sleep in the same bed.

  3. Tarun Goyal says

    Great tricks.. but some of them must be used with caution. For example, the tricks where you are forced to restart your computer or where the system restarts itself when a browser in opened– don’t perform it if your friend has some important unsaved document opened.

    Also the high contrast once done, sometimes is not getting undone by pressing the same keys. In such a case, for windows 7, right click on desktop, click personalize and choose one of the aero themes to undo the “High contrast theme”.

    There is one more great and really easy trick that is not mentioned here. But it is my favorite prank for windows user and surprisingly very few people know about it.

    When your friend is looking away quickly press “Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow”. to remove it press “Ctrl + Alt + up arrow”. A really effective way to prank your friend… 😛