Top 17 Useless websites on Earth to kill your time and the Award Goes to

Feeling Bored and want to kill some time. Here are the list of 25 useless websites to do that. Before seeing them i never knew they really existed. Just Check out the list of Top useless websites on earth which make you wonder why the hell they are made and who made them. No Matter what you think about them after visiting their URL, but, they are still there.

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Yes the name of the website is Blank and its Blank Completely. A simple plain web page. And it exists there on the web playground competing for the most useless website on earth.



The website check something about your PC in shortest span of time. Just Check it out. Don’t hate me for that, i am still searching for its webmaster.

Patience is a virtue

Yes it exists and is ready to check your patience to an insane level. The weirdest way in which one can preach.

Download More RAM


Yes There is a website for that and innocent people who think that RAM can be downloaded over internet just go there by Googling it. It comes at first place for the keyword “Download More RAM”. Tech Support Guys can have fun in diverting minds via this site.

Make Everything Ok


If you are the type of person, who make a mess out of anything given to him, then this site may help you to come out of that psychological dilemma. Please have a chance to make things ok for the first time in life.

Sad For Japan


Just play with your cursor and this useless floating horrible creature in the middle of screen. Don’t know how its related with Japan Loss.

 Shake the Worm



Just shake the cursor and make the worm angry. The worm keeps following your cursor in a creepy manner. Another useless website to waste your time on.



Note: Keep creating smaller circles, till something is revealed in the end. If you are Bored and nothing left to do in your life. This useless website will eat your useless time in a useful manner. Another single page weird website in the list.

This is Sand


Just start pouring sand to create colorful sand layers on the page. Notice the Circular Colored Button on the top right of the web page and change the color and start wasting your time

And the List Goes On …

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  1. The “blank” website is not blank at all. There is a dot in the middle, clicking the dot yields text that gets bigger as you click the links, and then you get a link that takes you to more of the site’s content. Still pretty useless from what I looked at, but not in fact blank at all!

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