Fool your friends Now with these cool Computer Pranks

Every system has some tips and tricks that really help in making your life easier. That is why we published two very popular posts on PC/ Internet tricks and Tips for Mac OsX. While being really helpful, some of these tips can be used to play a prank on your friend or family. You just need to get hold of their MacBook for a minute or two and here are some pranks that you can play on your buddy’s Macbook:

Rename all their file at once

Go to your friend’s favorite folder, where he is storing all those lovely images of his favorite Victoria’s secret model. Select all the group of files > Right click > Rename > Type “You have been hacked” > Click “Rename” > innocuously close the folder > See the look on his face when he opens the folder.

macbook prank_1

Warning: Once done, this action can’t be undone very easily. 

Hide the Sidebar on the Left

In a Finder window Press ‘command + option + S’ and act as if nothing has happened.

Hide the Toolbar on the Top

Press ‘command + option + T’ while a Finder window is open.

Change default apps associated with a particular type of program

Like assigning a Media player app for an image file. Press ‘Command + I > Open with > Choose new App > Click ‘Change All…’ to apply to all the files.

macbook prank

Automatically Open Certain Items On Startup

System Preferences > Users > Login items > Click the ‘+’ to add an application. Add random programs to the list. Now next time, when he starts his MacBook, enjoy his quandary.

macbook prank

Change default search engine in Safari

Open Safari > Preferences > Search Tab > Select some random search engine from the list. How about selecting DuckDuckGo in the list.

macbook prank

Hide the Dock

Press command + option +D to hide the dock on your frenemy’s Mac.

Stop Magnification in Dock

System Preferences > Dock > Magnification > Uncheck the box

Change The Cursor Size To Grandma’s Preferred Size

System Preferences > Accessibility > Display pane > ‘Cursor size:’ > Change the cursor size using the scroll to a size your grandmother would be comfortable with.

Change Alert Sound

System Preferences > Sound > ‘Sound Effects’ tab > ‘Select an alert sound:’ Go ahead have fun and choose a really scary alert sound to startle your friend.

A screenshot that fills the whole screen

This one is my favorite and I consider myself a pro in this prank. I have lost count of the actual number of my victims. Take a screenshot of the desktop (shortcut is ‘command + shift + 3’). The image is saved to your desktop. Now open the image in ‘Preview’ and choose view in fullscreen.

macbook prank

Another version of the same prank

Press ‘command + shift + 3’ > the screenshot of the image will be saved on your desktop. Set these image as the desktop wallpaper and hide all the icons of the desktop. Now let your friend try to open these icons by trying to click on them (while in reality they are just images).

Invert Screen color

Although this feature is really handy for night usage, but who is stopping you from pranking your buddy. Press ‘control + option + command + 8’.

Replace text shortcut with something funny

Use spotlight to open the keyboard settings > Click on Text tab > Click on ‘+’ > Now assign shortcuts as you wish. Go on have some fun. Assign “I am an idiot” to your friend’s name.