Change Screen Orientation Portrait / Landscape in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers the flexibility of changing orientation for normal viewing. Commonly, there are two basic modes of orientation used for viewing untill now. They are: – Portrait and Landscape

Landscape mode allows the wider part of the image to be covered in which the width of the image is more than its height (e.g. Panoramic View) whereas Portrait mode allows the height of the image to be more than its width (e.g. Book View).Whenever the angle of rotation of the screen changes to 90°, the modes are inter changed (i.e. Landscape to Portrait and vice-versa) and when the angle of rotation of the screen changes to 180°, the modes are flipped (i.e. Landscape to Landscape (flipped)).

In computers, Landscape mode is preferred over the Portrait mode whereas in Mobile phones/ Tablets, Portrait mode is the sole option for display.

Windows 10 allows four different ways of Orientation. They are:-

  • Landscape

  • Portrait

  • Landscape (flipped)

  • Portrait (flipped)

These modes are categorized below “Customize of display” section that can be found under the “Settings” app in Windows 10.

 how to change orientation of your screen in Windows 10.

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop screen anywhere and click on “Display settings” for direct path access to the display configuration settings under the “Settings” app.


Step 2: Under Display section, look for “Orientation”. In “Orientation” section, click below the drop down menu to choose any one of the following options.

Display Orientation Change

If you choose any other option apart from the current viewing mode, a confirmation message will be displayed like this:


The confirmation message will start a 10 second timer for the user to decide whether he wants to go with the changed orientation or reverting back to the current one. If the users fails to choose between the two options, they current viewing mode will stay subsequently.

1 thought on “Change Screen Orientation Portrait / Landscape in Windows 10”

  1. I have three screens… Left is HD, middle is UHD, right is HD.
    I have the left and right monitors rotated into portrait mode.
    I used Win 10 display settings to rotate the displays accordingly.
    I Apply, and OK the trial period… It works fine.
    I can power cycle the computer and everything comes up correct.

    HOWEVER, if I allow the computer to go to SLEEP mode,
    when it comes out of SLEEP mode, the right monitor is not recognized and the left display (in Win 10) is incorrectly rotated.

    I power cycle monitors. no change.
    I power cycle the computer, and the previously unrecognized (right) monitor gets recognized again, but both HD monitors have the incorrect orientation.
    I have to manually reconfigure the displays to portrait mode to get back the desired configuration after SLEEP mode.

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