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  1. Richard Caccamo says

    Hi Mera , great article on web cams though you need to make a correction on ManyCam. It is now 5.0 I had the 4.1 and when the update came on I didn’t think twice about getting the 5.0. Wow was that a mistake . Basically what they did was take away some of the web cam feature one of which I use a lot and that is the ability to load a buch of short vids all at one time now you can only load one at a time. I immediately took it off and tried to reload the 4.1 version but they figured that would happen so you cant download the old version from their site or some others I tried I finally was able to get an older version on C-net whether you still can I don’t know but my advise to all is keep your 4.1 and don’t get the 5.0. Thanks, Rich