How to get all the free games in Steam at once

Steam, the ultimate store of PC games, has lots of free PC games besides those AA and AAA titles from reputed publishers. Whether you are trying to try out some free games in Steam or just want to fill up your Steam catalogue, we have a nice trick for you. You can get all the free games in Steam at once. Yes! There is safe tool that you can use to add all the free games to your Steam catalogue.

How to get all the free games in Steam games into your library

SteamDB, the unofficial database of the Steam app has a hidden feature called “Free Packages” which you can use to add the games to your library.

Step 1 – Tap this link to reach the Free Pacakges center directly in Steam.

Step 2 – Now, tap the “Sign in via Steam to unlock this page” option.


sign in via steam min


Step 3 – This will show you a statutory page. Ignore everything and click the “Sign in through Steam” option.


through steam min


Step 4 – Finally, as the Steam log-in page loads up, input your Steam credentials in there and click “Sign in“.


sign in to steam finally min


Step 5 – Steam will send a verification code to your connected email account. Input that and get access to the SteamDB using your Steam account.


steam code min


Step 6 – Another page saying ‘Sign into using your Steam account’ should appear. Tap “Sign in” for one last time to finally get the access to the free packages apge.


sign in min


Step 7 – In the Free Packages page, you will notice the list of games in the page.

[As there are quite a lot of free games available on Steam, it may take the webpage to list those properly. Wait patitenly till the page loads.]

Step 8 –┬áNow, you can hide the free demo games from the list. To do that, tap the “click here to hide demos and legacy media.” option to filter out all the demo or trial version of games from the list.


hide demo min


Step 9 – If you are interested in free DLCs of your already owned games, tap the “click here to only show these” option.


dlcs min


Step 10 – Finally, tap the “Activate these packages now” option to start activating the games in the Steam client.


activate those packages min


Just leave the browser open and the computer runing as the Steam will automatically activate the free games against your account in Steam.

That’s it! That is the easiest and safest way of mass activating all the free games in Steam. Do this at least a month to keep up with the new games becoming free every day!

NOTE – Only 50 games can be activated in Steam per hour. Due to this limit, it may take a while for the SteamDB to activate all the available free games.

Another thing you may notice is that all those free games are cluttering your game Library. Just do this to filter out the best games –

1. Open the Steam client and go to the “LIBRARY“.

2. Right-click the games and tap “Add to favorites“.


add to favs min


This will enlist your favorite games at the top of the Steam library.