2 Ways to Rotate System Screen in Windows 11

Rotating your computer screen can prove to be very beneficial especially when you are watching a video or reading something. This can be achieved by making changes in the display configuration in the settings application in windows operating system without any third-party software. In Windows 11, there are 4 options available for display orientation i.e. Landscape, Portrait, Landscape(flipped), Portrait(flipped). You can choose any orientation as per your requirement that changes your screen orientation. We have listed out the two methods by which you can rotate your screen in this article. Please continue reading to find out.

Method 1: Rotate your Screen using Display Settings

Step 1: Open the Display settingsĀ page

Right-Click on the Desktop and select Display settings from the context menu as shown below.

Open Display Settings From Desktop Right Click Win11


Press Win + I keys together to open Settings app.

Then, Click on System > Display.

System Display Win 11 Min

Step 2: In the Display page

Scroll down the page and look for Display orientation.

Click on Landscape to see other orientation options from the list.

Click Display Orientation Win11

Step 4: Now you can see there are 4 options available.

As an example, we have selected Portrait mode in screenshot given below. You can select any one among them.

Then, it will prompt to select either Keep changesĀ to apply changes or RevertĀ to cancel the selection.

Portrait Mode Display Win11

This way you can change the display orientation which rotates the screen very easily.

Method 2: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

There are few of the keyboard shortcuts to change the display orientation directly from the keyboard.

We have listed all the keyboard shortcuts below :

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + UP ARROW key together to set screen on landscape mode.
  2. Press CTRL + ALT + DOWN ARROW key together to set screen on landscape (flipped) mode.
  3. Press CTRL + ALT + LEFT ARROW key together to set screen on Portrait mode.
  4. Press CTRL + ALT + RIGHT ARROW key together to set screen on Portrait (flipped) mode.


Display Orientation Keyboard Shortcut Win11


NOTE:- The above keyboard shortcuts will work on most of the computers. But If they are not working on your system, then probably you need to enable the shortcut keys in the Intel Graphics Command Center application. You can download and install it on your system from Microsoft Store for free if this application is missing on your laptop.

  1. Press Win key on your keyboard and type intel graphics command center.
  2. Hit Enter key.
  3. After the application opens, Click System > HotKeys.
  4. Then, Click on Enable System HotKeys toggle button to turn it ON.
  5. Close the application.

Enable Hotkeys Intel Graphics Center Win11 11zon

This method is most easiest one to rotate the screen of your computer.

That’s it guys!

Hope you liked this article and found it helpful.

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  1. intel graphics command center
    (worked on 2022 01 12)

    this was the only solution that wokred and many other sites did not mention it. And as someone who rotetes their display multiple times a day this feature is more than appricitaed.

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