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  1. Martinus Kaptein says

    Dear Madame, dear Sir,

    For my working, I every day make a back-up of one directory with many files in many subdirectories, from the C:\ drive in my notebook to a 128 GB USB-stick. Both the C:\ drive and the USB-drive have been encrypted.
    I’m searching for a copy / replicate/ duplicate etc. file manager programm that, when copying the files from a C:\ directory to a directory with the same name on the D:\drive, only updates files with the same name if the contents are different!. What copy programm you presented would you recommand to me?
    Best regards! Martinus Kaptein

  2. Niviah says

    Maybe some updates needed for this helpful article, like Adding the best in 2020 and I mean Gs RichCopy 360 and GoodSync .