How to fix error 0x80071771 in Windows 10/11

The error 0x80071771 comes up when users try to open some files on windows 10 or windows 11 to decrypt the encrypted files. The message in the error says that the specified file could not be decrypted. The reason behind the error is insufficient user privileges in most cases.

Encrypted files can only be opened with an encryption key that is associated with the user which has created that file. So, if you try to open that file with another user account it will give you this error. Worry not, we have found a solution that would help you to open the file. Follow the steps to solve the error:

Get full permissions

STEP 1: Open the Windows File Explorer and go to the This PC location.

STEP 2: Right Click on the drive in which your file is located and select properties.

STEP 3: Head to the security tab, click on the button that says edit. It will open a new window.

Drive Security

STEP 4: In the permissions window, click on the add button. Press yes on the user account control prompt.

Add Permissions

STEP 5: Type Everyone in the textbox that says enter object names to select and then click the OK button.

Add Users Permissions

STEP 6: In the security window, a new entry will come up with a name as everyone. Select it and allow all the permission from the checkboxes below.

Allow All Permissions

STEP 7: Click on the Apply and then OK button to close the properties window.

STEP 8: Once again open the properties of the drive, go to the securities tab, and click on the advanced button. It will open an advanced security settings window.

Advanced Permissions


STEP 9: Click On add.


Add Permissions Min


STEP 10: click on the Select a Principal.

Select Pricipal Min

Step – Write Everyone and click OK.

Add Users Permissions


Step  – Now, select all basic permissions and click OK.


Full Permissions Min


Step – Click Apply and OK and close all windows

STEP 16: Restart your computer after completing the above process.

Remove the encrypted contents option

STEP 17: Open the Windows File Explorer and go to the location where you are facing the error.

STEP 18: Right Click on the folder and select properties.

STEP 19: Click on the Advanced button to open the advanced attributes window.

Folder Properties

STEP 20: Remove the check from the checkbox titled Encrypt contents to secure data. Close the properties window.

Decrypt Folder


Your file/folder is decrypted now and you won’t face the error again.

What if Encrypt Contents to secure data option is Unchecked

You can use Command prompt to decrypt a file.

1- Search cmd in search box.

2 – Now, right click and click on run as administrator.


Cmd Admin Min


3 – Now, run the command given below to decrypt the file.

cipher /d "full path of file with extension"

Do not forget to replace Full path of the file in command given above.