Winmm.dll is Missing or Not found error in Windows 10 Fix

DLL(Dynamic Link Library) files are one of the most important files in the Windows operating system. There are many errors which happen due to missing DLL files. One such error is winmm.dll file is missing or not found an error in Windows 10. DLL files are responsible for the smooth running of the system and if only one goes missing there might be chances that you face one or more errors in your computer.

In order to solve DLL files missing error, you have to restore the DLL file at its original location. We have gathered some methods to restore the DLL files for you. Kindly follow the steps below to restore missing DLL files.

Method 1 – perform SFC scan

The System file checker scan is the best tool for restoring the missing system files, it scans the computer for corrupt and missing system files which are important for the smooth working of the operating system. Follow the steps below to perform the scan.


STEP 1 –  Press the Windows key and search for command prompt. Right click on the command prompt result and select run as administrator option.

Cmd Run As Admin

STEP 2 – Confirm the action by pressing Yes on the user account control prompt.

STEP 3 – In the command prompt window, paste the following command and hit enter to execute it.

sfc /scannow

Sfc Scan

Wait for the scan to complete, reboot the computer after the scan completes successfully.

Method 2 – Reinstall the application

If the error is happening while using a specific program, reinstalling the program will help you to overcome the error. First, you need to uninstall the program and then install it again in order to remove the error.


STEP 1 – Press Windows + R to open Run dialogue box, type appwiz.cpl and press enter button. It will open the list of all installed programs on your computer.


STEP 2 – Select the program which gives you the missing DLL file error. Right click on it and then select uninstall.

Locate Program Right Click Uninstall

STEP 3 – Reboot your computer and install again the same program. You will not face the missing DLL file error again mostly if the issue still persists try the next method.

Method 3 – Get the file from another computer

If you have another computer around this is a great solution for the missing DLL file. You just need to copy the file from a healthy computer and then paste it on the affected computer. Follow the steps below to know how to do it.


STEP 1 – Log in another computer and go the following path from Windows Explorer.



STEP 2 – Locate the winmm.dll file on the folder, copy it to any portable drive.

Winmm Dll File

STEP 3 – Paste the winmm.dll file on the affected computer in the following path.


After pasting the DLL file you have to register it in the system.

STEP 4 – Open the command prompt window as an administrator privilege, paste the following command in the command prompt window and then hit enter to execute it.

regsvr32 C:\windows\System32\winmm.dll

Register Dll

The DLL file has been registered now, close the command prompt window and check if the error is gone.