How to fix Windows 11 not booting up issue

Some new Windows 11 users are experiencing booting issues with the new OS. According to these affected users, sometimes Windows 11 is not booting up at all. Don’t worry. You can sort out these booting issues with the Windows Recovery Environment tools and the booting issues will be fixed in no time at all.

Steps to access the Windows RE mode – 

a. Before you do anything else, completely shut down your computer.

b. Once you are sure the computer is completely switched off, simply press the power button to boot up your system.

c. Then, when your system starts up, simply press and hold the power button until your system shutdown. This method is known as force-shutdown.

d. Now, carry on this force-shutdown process 1-2 more times and let your computer boot normally at the fourth time.

Here you will see that the Automatic Repair screen has opened up.


Auto Repair Advanced Options Min


Fix 1 – Use the Automatic Repair mode

There is an in-built Automatic Repair to tackle these erratic startup behaviors.

1. At first, boot your computer to Windows Recovery following the steps mentioned before.


Auto Repair Advanced Options Min


Now, once you are in the Recovery Environment mode, go for these steps –

2. Once you are on the ‘Choose an option’ screen, click on the “Troubleshoot“.


Advance Troubleshoot


4. You need to click on “Advanced options“.


Advanced Options


6. Here you will find the “Startup Repair” option.

Just click on it once to start the repair process.


Advanced Options Startup Repair Startup Settings Command Prompt


Startup Repair should now repair the startup issue your computer is facing. Your computer should boot up normally once the startup issues are resolved.

This should work out and solve the startup problem.

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  1. I have tried this process and each time it has failed to fix the problem. Windows 11 was working perfectly untill I tried to dual boot it with Win 10. One small adjustment to the boot sequence and Win11 will no longer boot or repair from a rescue drive.

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