How to sign up on DigiLocker website

Say Goodbye To Carrying Your Physical License; Be Digital, Use DigiLocker:- DigiLocker is the digital solution provided by Indian Government to eliminate the use of physical documents. Using DigiLocker, you can verify a document by digitally signing on it, you can forget carrying your driving license to work everyday, you can get your marklists and a lot more. Read on, to learn how to register with DigiLocker, what its uses are, how to get it in your phone etc. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started, shall we?

How To Register With DigiLocker


  • First of all, go to Once you are there, click on the Sign Up button at the top right corner of the screen.



  • You will be asked to enter your phone number. Enter the OTP that you receive in your phone and hit the Verify button.



  • As next, you will be asked to enter a username and password. Hit Signup button when you are done. Congratulations, this would setup your DigiLocker account successfully.



  • The next page asks you to link your Aadhar number with the DigiLocker account. Enter your Aadhar number and choose the radio button associated with Fingerprint or OTP option. Once you are done, hit the Submit button. If you haven’t associated a mobile number with your Aadhar account, then you cannot choose OTP option. Also, If you do not have a finger print scanner connected with your PC, then you cannot link your Aadhar card with your DigiLocker account. You will have to visit your nearest Aadhar enrollment center to link your phone number with Aadhar. For further details, you can check out the link
    FAQs & Customer Support
    by DigiLocker.


What If You Are Unable To Link Your Aadhar Card Number?

  • If you are unable to link your Aadhar, then you can click on the Continue here link at the bottom of the screen.


Get DigiLocker In Your Phone

You can download DigiLocker in your phone from Google PlayStore. Once downloaded, you can login with your login credentials. You can even signup from the app. When it is all set, you can start using your phone as a substitute for all your document needs using the DigiLocker application.

Uses Of DigiLocker

Once the account is set up, you will be taken to the Dashboard of your DigiLocker account. The following features are offered by DigiLocker:
Note: To make the best out of DigiLocker, your Aadhar card should be linked with DigiLocker account.

  • You can get your Digital Driving License from DigiLocker. Thus you can drive anywhere anytime you want, without carying your physical driving license always with you.
  • You can self attest documents through digital signature process and use those documents for transactions.
  • You can upload your identication documents to your free 1GB of cloud space. These documents can be used for verification by respected authorities.


The list doesn’t end here. Create your DigiLocker account today itself to explore the rest. Hope you found the article useful. Stay tuned for more tricks, tips, and hacks.