How to Turn On or Off Text Prediction in Windows 11

Text Prediction or Text Suggestion in Windows 11 is a built-in feature that offers an enhanced typing experience. Just like you notice the typing suggestions on a smartphone while typing, turning on the text prediction in Windows 11 offers similar suggestions which is especially helpful when you are struggling with longer spellings or when you want to finish your work faster.

The text suggestions are also useful when when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a word you want to type in. Turning on the text prediction. The text suggestion feature can also highlight misspelt words, autocorrect misspelt words, offer multilingual text suggestions and show text suggestions as you type on your keyboard. As you start typing, the suggestions start appearing above the cursor from where you can select the words and sentences of your choice. It can also predict text names based on your typing history.

Here’s how to turn or turn off text prediction in Windows 11.


Enable/Disable Text Suggestions in Windows 11 Using the Settings App


This is the primary method that helps you turn on or turn off the text suggestions through the Settings app. Let’s see how:


Step 1: Press the Win + I keys together on your keyboard to open the Settings app.

Step 2: In the Settings window, click on Time & Language on the left side.


Settings Time & Language


Step 3: Now, navigate to the right side and click on Typing.


Settings Time & Language Typing


Step 4: On the right side, in the Typing pane, you will see the options – Show text suggestions when typing on the physical keyboard, Multilingual text suggestions, Autocorrect misspelt words and Highlight misspelt words.

Turn on all these options by moving the slider to the right.


Time & Language Typing Turn On All Options Min




Now, when you type on Word or Notepad, you will see the text suggestions appear above the cursor in different languages with highlighted misspelled words and with the autocorrect option.

Enable/Disable Text Suggestions in Windows 11 Using the Registry Editor


If none of the above methods works, tweaking the Registry Editor may help you enable or disable the text suggestions on your Windows 11 PC. Let’s see how:


Step 1: Right-click on the Windows icon (Start) located at the middle of the Taskbar and select Run.


Start Right Click Run


Step 2: In the Run command window, type regedit in the search bar and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor window.


Run Command Regedit Ok


Step 3: Copy and paste he below path into the Registry Editor address bar and press Enter:




Now, check for the DWORD ValueEnableHwkbTextPrediction on the right and double-click on it.


Registry Editor Navigate To Path Enablehwkbtextprediction Double Click


Step 4: In the Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value dialogue box, set the Value data to 0 if you want to enable the Text Suggestions.

Press OK to save the changes and exit.


Edit Dword (32 Bit) Value Value Data 0 Enable Text Suggestions


Step 5: To disable the Text Suggestions, set the Value data field to 1 and press OK to save and exit.


Edit Dword (32 Bit) Value Value Data 1 Disable Text Suggestions


*Note – Make sure you create a backup of the registry editor settings, before you make any changes to the registry. This will help you recover any lost data in case you lose any during the process.