Top 8 working Proxy Sites List Compilation [Updated]

In order to access any websites that are blocked and restricted, the use of proxy websites come in handy quite a lot. The use of proxy websites is not restricted to browsing unblocked sites, but also a person can browse the internet as an anonymous, without exposure of his or her own identity. This is the main and the vital use of proxy websites, which is preferred by many.
Many a times Organizations or universities block certain websites like youtube, facebook etc. for certain reasons like better productivity or their own dictatorial intentions. In all the mentioned situations, the use of proxy websites becomes an emergency thing for searching the blocked websites. They help the user in surfing the blocked away websites without posing any threat for the revelation of identity and their details are latent. They actually behave as providers for accessing but in a hidden form.

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Top 12 Proxy Sites on Earth By alexa

1. HMA

HMA stands as one of the best proxy website that contributes two types of services. One is the HMA VPN and the other one is the free proxy website. The usage is very easy because of its location. It has its quarters at the UK, making it the site used highly by UK users. The address bar is quite manageable for using and it could be used for accessing blocked websites, without letting anybody know  the user’s IP. Options like SSL certification and latest Features are also present.


Another unnamed top proxy website,, is quite handy in approach on the internet for users. The entire system or technique is analogous to HMA. The name of the website, i.e. the url needs to be typed in the address bar and then comes the stage for selecting among the number of already running proxies. In this method, the IP of the user and the website that is being browsed by him is safeguarded and fortified. It also helps in Hiding the details of the user.

3 .Dontfilter

A popular proxy website that helps in protecting the personal details of the user is the dontfilter website. Over here, the user may  mark the option, which states if the encryption must be present or not. The address bar of the dontfilter website makes the necessary and useful option available, which distinguishes the experience of using website proxy, from others.


4. BlewPass

Another famous and highly user friendly best proxy website  is the BlewPass. It is just another popular website service that a person can avail for surfing through blocked web pages. It provides the user a shield or a concealment, which lets him browse through the internet as an anonymous person. Many links of youtube are unavailable normally, but on using this website, all of it becomes really easy to browse. The details of browsing would be marked by the user himself and hence the user seems to hide his identity and browse through the blocked and restricted webpages, without even being noticed.


5. kProxy

Another best proxy website that adds up to the list is the kProxy website. Its formation is dated back in 2005. The particular website permits https protocol. Not only that, it is also highly user friendly, thereby being quite convenient and manageable.  kProxy helps in protecting and shielding the user’s individuality by showing it in an anonymous way, thereby guarding his details and information for safety.


The proxy website, is very popular proxy site helps the user for surfing and browsing any website at a faster rate of speed. It even helps in obscuring the IP address and conceals the user’s present location. The person using the particular website uses the tools and apparatuses in a very user friendly way and hence shields the identity and individuality of the person, which helps in shielding the location of the user and also prevents him from getting stalked.

This particular proxy website helps in hiding the person’s identity. The highly acclaimed and reputed website common among the users, serves to protect its user’s details and information. The website helps in removing any existing blockages of any website and finally conceals the person’s IP address, thus guarding it safely, not allowing anyone to trail it. Email can also be send to people without actually coming in form of the person, in a form of anonymous way, and it works very fast, with no interruptions.

It is known to be the most prevailing and dominant proxy website, which can unclog any sort of blockages in the internet while opening of a webpage. In fact, many webpages of youtube can also be opened easily with the help of this site. Any constraints or limitations that the user faces in case of IP address is removed, thereby providing a proper interface for allowing the user browse through the entire internet without an interruption. The user needs to enter the desired url in the address bar and click away for unlimited browsing.

How Proxy Sites Work


Now, When you hit or, the ISP or Organization may have blocked it. But when you open the proxy website and enter the url there. The Proxy server opens the website on its server. Now you are accessing proxy and proxy is accessing facebook for you. Thus, you may browse the blocked website without any hassle. The proxy website generally opens the website in an iFrame.
The usage of these kind of websites are very handy and also user friendly. After visiting any of the proxy websites, a person just needs to paste or write the URL of any desired webpage. Then, via the servers of the proxy website, the person shall be able to browse through it without any hindrance and without any revelation. Proxy websites have pros and cons too. Some might not be safe and can give away personal information and details. They may also contain malware and loads of viruses.
A popular term known as reverse proxy is highly common in the world of proxy websites. It works like an anti or opposite to the term proxy. In case of proxy, the details and identity of the user is hidden, while in the case of reverse proxy, the identity of the server that a person is browsing is latent. Wikipedia explains reverse proxy as the server that recovers resources and details from many servers. It behaves as a transitional for the servers located in its proximity range and reverts the resources that are provided by the linked servers.
Some very common errors and problems are present with the using of internet which arises due to some consistent or inconsistent reasons which provide the blockage and bound the user’s limitations. It makes situations highly infuriating for the user because the website gets blocked suddenly and stands as a hindrance during the surfing of internet.
The proxy websites are much useful in cases when any site is blocked by the current WiFi or by our ISP, institutions, etc. where on usage of such websites, any webpage is easily browsed and surfed. For example, surfing any video, or any game sites and social networking websites are all blocked and restricted in the campus of college and school, but proxy website removes the limitations. All the blockages are removed if these free available proxy websites are used. It is actually observed in many cases that, the possessor of any website locks away his own site.

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