How to Fix Edge browser keeps logging out of all sites

Recently it has been observed that many windows users have started to complain about the problem that they are facing with the Microsoft Edge browser. The problem is causing the users to log out of all the sites they are browsing and thus, making the browsing experience very difficult.

Upon investigating this issue, the reasons behind it are listed below.

  • Blocking the third party cookies and other data
  • Changing Edge settings
  • Deleting cookies and other data every time you close the browser
  • Corrupted Browsing data
  • Third-party Extensions installed on the Edge browser

If you are facing such an issue or a similar one on your system, we have compiled a set of solutions in this post after deeply researching the points mentioned above, which might assist the user in fixing them.

Fix 1 – Change browsing data settings in the Edge browser


Step 1: Press the Windows key and type edge and then, hit Enter key which opens the Microsoft Edge browser.


Open Microsoft Edge Win11


Step 2: Open a new tab in the Edge browser and type edge://settings/privacy in it and tap on the Enter key.

Step 3: This takes you to the Privacy, search and services page.

Step 4: Scroll down this page till you Clear browsing data and click on Choose what to clear every time you close the browser.


Choose What To Clear Before Closing Edge 11zon


Step 5: Turn off the toggle buttons of Cookies and other site data and also, the Passwords option by clicking on it as shown in the below image.


Disable Cookies And Passwords Edge Choose To Clear Before Close 11zon


Step 6: Once done, restart the Edge browser.

Fix 2 – Disabling the Extensions

Sometimes, unknowingly we install the extensions from third-party sources for a better experience while browsing. These extensions can be the reason for the problem the user might be noticing every time they access the edge browser.

We are showing below how you can disable the extensions using a few steps.

Step 1: Open the Edge browser on your system.

Step 2: After it is opened, open a new tab and type edge://extensions/ in the address bar and hit Enter key to go to the Extensions page as shown below.


Go To Extensions Edge 11zon


Step 3: On the left side of the Extensions page, make sure you are on the Extensions tab.

Step 4: On the right side of the page, click Remove on all the extensions under From other sources to remove the extensions from the Edge browser.


Remove Extensions Edge 11zon


Step 5: Once done, restart the Edge browser and check if the problem got solved.


Fix 3 – Repair the Microsoft Edge browser


Step 1: To open the Installed apps page on your system, press the Windows key and type installed apps and then press Enter key.


Open Installed Apps 11zon


Step 2: Once the Installed apps page opens, type edge in the search box as shown below.

Step 3: This will show the Microsoft Edge app in the search results.

Step 4: Then, click the horizontal ellipsis () of the Edge browser and tap on Modify.


Search Edge In Installed Apps 11zon


Step 5: Accept the UAC prompt on the screen to go forward by clicking Yes.

Step 6: Now the repair window appears on the screen and then, click Repair to start repairing the Microsoft Edge browser.


Repair Edge 11zon


Step 7: This will start downloading and installing the latest Microsoft Edge browser.


Fix 4 – Disable / Turn off Block third-party cookies


Step 1: Open the Edge browser app on the system.

Step 2: In a new tab, copy and paste the below path in the address bar and press Enter key to reach the Cookies and data stored page.




Step 3: Now click the Manage and delete cookies and site data option on the top of the page.


Manage And Delete Cookies And Site Data Edge 11zon


Step 4: Disable the Block third-party cookies option by clicking on its toggle button as shown below.

Also, make sure Allow sites to save and read cookie data option is enabled, which is recommended by the edge browser.


Disable Block 3rd Party Cookies 11zon


Fix 5 – Try resetting the Microsoft Edge browser

Step 1: Open the Edge browser and then, open a new tab.

Step 2: Type edge://settings/reset in the address bar of the new tab and press Enter.

Step 3: On the Reset settings page, click on Restore settings to their default values option as shown below.


Restore Settings Edge 11zon


Step 4: Then, click Reset on the window that appears on the screen of the edge browser.


Reset Edge 11zon


Step 5: This will reset the edge app to its default settings and once done, it will display a successful message.


Settings Reset Successfully Edge 11zon


Step 6: Restart the Edge browser app and check if the problem got solved.

Fix 6 – Check S4U tasks using the PowerShell app


Step 1: To open the Powershell app on your system, press the Windows and R keys together which opens the Run box.

Step 2: Then, type powershell in the run box and press CTRL, SHIFT and ENTER keys together to open the PowerShell app as an admin.


Run Powershell Min


Step 3: Type the command given below in the PowerShell app and hit Enter key to search for any S4U tasks scheduled on the system.

Get-ScheduledTask | foreach { If (([xml](Export-ScheduledTask -TaskName $_.TaskName -TaskPath $_.TaskPath)).GetElementsByTagName("LogonType").'#text' -eq "S4U") { $_.TaskName } }

Step 4: If there were any tasks scheduled, then it will display on the execution of the above command as shown below.


Search For S4u Tasks Using Powershell 11zon


Step 5: Please go to the Task Scheduler and disable/delete the tasks that might interrupt and create problems in the edge browser as mentioned above.

Step 6: Once done, close the Powershell app and try opening the edge browser and see if the problem still persists.

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