There were problems installing some updates error in Windows 10

If you see an error message stating “There were problems installing some updates“, Windows update process on your computer will not be complete. This problem is usually related to corruption in the SoftwareDistribution folder or by running an SFC scan. Emptying it will solve this issue. Try out these workarounds first and if they don’t work out, go for the solutions.


1. Windows Update requires a reboot to complete the process. Reboot your computer and check if it helps.

2. If you are using antivirus software, disable it for a while (Switch the real-time protection ‘Off‘). Then try to update your Windows again.

If you still can’t update your computer, go for these easy solutions-

Fix 1 – Tweak Update settings

1 – Search services in Windows search box and click on it

Services Min

2 – Now, Locate Windows Update from the list and double click on it

3 – Now, Set the startup type as automatic.

4 -Click on Start to start it, if it is not running and click on Apply.

2022 12 12 13 05 11 Min


5 – Now, Open settings by Pressing Windows and I key together

6 – Now, Go to Update & Security and click on Advanced Options

2022 12 12 13 10 39 Min


7 – Now, Turn On all the option such as Download Updates over metered connection etc.

2022 12 12 13 12 32 Min

8 – Now, again go back and check for updates and Update again


Fix 2 – Empty SoftwareDistribution folder-

1. Click on the Search box and then type “cmd“.

2. Now, right-click on “Command Prompt” and then click on “Run as administrator“.


Cmd Search


Command Prompt window will be opened.

3. Write these commands one-by-one and then hit Enter. Some services will be temporarily stopped on your computer.

net stop wuauserv
net stop cryptSvc
net stop bits
net stop msiserver

Wu Cmd1


Once you have executed all the commands, minimize the Command Prompt window.

4. Again, press Windows key+R together to launch Run. 

To open the Download folder, copy-paste this and then click on “OK“.



Software Distributiion


5. Select all the contents of the Download folder and press the Delete key.


Delete Software Distribution


Close File Explorer window.

6. Maximize the Command Prompt window. Now, you have to start the necessary Windows Update services again.

7. To start those stalled services, copy and paste these following commands one by one in Command Prompt window and hit Enter after each command to execute them-

net start wuauserv
net start cryptSvc
net start bits
net start msiserver




Now, reboot your computer. After rebooting, check if you can update your system.

If this doesn’t help, go for the next fix.


Fix-3 Run SFC and DISM scan-

Running SFC and DISM scan on your computer will solve any corruption issue of the system file.

1. At the first step, what you need to do is to press Windows key+R.

2. Then, type “cmd” and then, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter these three keys together.


Press Win + R To Open Run Box, Type Cmd And Hit Enter


3. To run an SFC scan followed by a DISM scan, execute these two scan-commands.

sfc /scannow
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth


Sfc Scan Now


This may take a while.

To complete the scanning process, reboot your computer.

After rebooting your computer, try to update your computer again.

Your problem will be solved.