How to Turn On or Off Text Cursor Indicator in Windows 11

A text cursor indicator is the small blinking line on your text documents that you see while typing. The cursor helps you to edit the text by moving it anywhere within the text. You usually see this text with any kind of text documents (Notepad, WordPad, MS Word, Google docs, etc.) or in the Desktop or File Explorer while renaming a file or folder.

However, the normal cursor size is extremely small ad is good for regular users. So, if someone has some kind of issue with his vision, may find it difficult to identify the cursor due to its default size. It can get even challenging to view the cursor when your PC screen runs a higher resolution, bigger screen or double screens. Therefore, the only solution at this point is to increase the cursor size so that it’s clearly visible to all users.

Fortunately, Windows 11 comes with the option to turn on the text cursor indicator, increase the cursor size and even change it’s color for better view. Let’s see how:

How to Enable or Disable the Text Cursor Indicator, Increase its Size and Change its Color on Windows 11


You can turn on the text cursor indicator through the system Settings app, if you have not already. In addition, you can also increase the size of the cursor and even change the color of the cursor through the same Settings. Follow the below instructions:


Step 1: Press the Win + I shortcut keys on your keyboard to launch the Settings window.

Step 2: In the Settings window, click on the Accessibility option on the left side of the pane.



Settings Left Sisde Accessibility


Step 3: Now, navigate to the right side of the window and click on Text cursor.


Settings Accessibility Text Cursor


Step 4: Next, in the Text cursor settings page, on the right side, go to the Text cursor indicator option and move the toggle switch next to it, to the right to enable the text cursor.


*Note – To disable the text cursor later, simply follow the Steps 1 through 3 and then move the toggle switch to the left.


Accessibility Text Cursor Text Cursor Indcator Turn On


Step 5: You can also increase the size of the cursor by moving the slider in the Size section, to the right.


*Note – Move the slider to the left to decrease the size of the cursor.


Accessibility Text Cursor Size Move Slider To Adjust Size


Step 6: To change the colour of the cursor, go to the Recommended colours section and select from the color tiles displayed.

You can also click on the Choose another color option to open the color palette and select a totally different color that’s not already displayed under the Recommended colors.


Recommended Colours Choose Another Colour


This is how you can enable or disable the text cursor on your Windows 11 PC, change the cursor colour or increase/decrease the cursor size.