Fix Shift Key not Working in Windows 10/11 Keyboard

When any of the keys on your keyboard stops working, it can get challenging to work with your system. The keyboard is the main input device, and thus, requires your immediate attention if any of the keys are not working. In many cases, the SHIFT key of your Windows 10 system may stop working all of a sudden,  causing difficulty to perform many actions.

Note: Try to press Shift key 5 times to check whether or not sticky keys are enabled. If they are enabled, disable them.

So, should you replace the keyboard right away? Nope, not until you have tried these fixes. Let’s see how to fix the SHIFT key not working issue.


Method 1: using Control Panel


Step 1: Click on the Start menu on your desktop, type Control Panel in the search box and click on the result.


Click Start, Type Control Panel In Search Box, Hit Enter


Step 2: In the Control Panel window, type Turn on easy access keys in the search box located on the upper right with the magnifying glass sign next to it. Hit Enter.


Control Panel Search Turn On Easy Access Keys


Step 3: In the next window > Ease of Access Center > click on Turn on easy access keys.


Ease Of Access Center Turn On Easy Access Keys


Step 4: In the next window Click on Make the keyboard easier to use


Make Keyboard Easier Use Min


In Control the mouse with the keyboard section

Make sure options given below are unchecked

  • Turn on Mouse keys
  • Turn on Sticky Keys
  • Turn On Toggle keys
  • Turn On Filter keys

Case 1 – If these are checked, Uncheck all of them and Click on Apply and OK.

Case 2 – If these are Unchecked, Check all of them , then click Apply and OK.

Then again Uncheck them , and again Click Apply and OK buttons.

Filter Keys Min


Now, Try again. If this do not work, reboot the PC and this should help fix the SHIFT key not working issue. However, if it doesn’t resolve the issue, try Method 2.

Method 2 – Make sure language is correct in settings

1. Press Windows key + I to open settings.

2. Click on Time & Language

3. Click on Language from the left menu.

4. Make sure , the language is correct. If it is not correct , just click on the language from the options given below and click on up arrow key to put it at the top.


Language Win 10

If your correct language is not present in the list, click on add a preferred language to add your desired language.


Method 3: Using Device Manager


Step 1: Right-click on This PC on your desktop and click on Manage in the context menu.


Right Click This Pc Manage


Step 2: In the Computer Management window, click on the Device Manager option on the extreme left.


Computer Management Device Manager


Step 3: Click on the Keyboard option on the right to expand it. Right-click on HID Keyboard Device and click on Update Driver to check if it needs an updated driver.


Device Manager Keyboards Hd Keyboard Device Right Click Update Driver


Step 4: In the next window, click on Search automatically for updated driver software to run a check if any latest driver is available for update.


Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software


Step 5: It will start searching online for drivers. If there’s a new driver available, it will automatically update the driver. Once completed, close the window and reboot your system. The SHIFT key should start working now.


Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software


If no drivers are available, it will display the message – the best drivers for your device are already installed. In that case, you should try checking your keyboard with another computer. If it’s not working, you may need to change the keyboard to a new one.

Method 4 – Turn off Filter keys

1. Press Windows key + I to open settings.

2. Now, click on Ease of Access.

3. Click on keyboard from the left menu

4. In the right side disable Filter keys. Make sure it is turned off.


Turn Off Filter Keys