Caps Lock OFF, but MS Word Still Types in Capital Letters [Fixed]

Word is one of the most used Microsoft products across the world and so, when something’s not right while creating the document, it can be frustrating. There can many issues like error prompts, issues with the software, driver issues, issues with the Settings, keyboard issues, and so on. One such pesky issue can be, Word typing in Capital letters even with the Caps lock OFF.

Yes, that’s quite a common issue where you start typing with the Caps Lock OFF, and it still types in upper case. However, this can be resolved pretty quickly. Let’s see how.


How to Fix Word Still Types in Capital Letters With Caps Lock OFF


Step 1: Type the text in Word and select them. Now, right-click on the selected text and click on Font.


Word Select Text Right Click Font


Step 2: In the next window (Font), find the All Caps option under Effects. Uncheck the box next to All Caps. Press OK to save the changes and exit.


Font All Caps Uncheck



Now, type in Word and it should be back to normal.

12 thoughts on “Caps Lock OFF, but MS Word Still Types in Capital Letters [Fixed]”

  1. So thankful for this, it wasn’t the exact solution I needed but it led me to the right place! My caps wasn’t checked but it was selected as being a heading. I changed it to body and the caps went away.

  2. Thank you!!
    I endured a frustrating few minutes…
    Surprised that 20 years of using word and I never faced this!! My new PC with new Ms Office must be the one to blame!!

  3. Thanks so much. Glad that there are people who love this. Any small problem becomes a huge thing to me.

  4. I have done what the instructions said, prior to coming to this site, and it still capitalizes. What I am attempting is to replace all the text in a cell from the word BLANK to the name of one of our employees. It still types his name in ALL CAPS despite the fact that I did not and that I unchecked the ALL CAPS box. What could be causing this?

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