Remove Share Option from right click context menu in windows 10

If your PC have undergone Windows 10 fall creator update you have noticed a few new entries when you right click on any file or folder. The entry is share . Most of the people don’t want to use this feature. So, it will be a good idea to get rid of these entries from right click context menu by editing right click context menu.

Share Windows 10



How to get rid of share option from right click context menu by editing Registry

Step 1 – Press windows logo key + R from the keyboard to open RUN command box.

Step 2 – Now, browse to the following location from the left side menu in the Registry editor.

  • Computer
  • *
  • shellex
  • ContextMenuHandlers

Step 3 – Now, Double Click on the default key in the right .

Step 4 – Now, just Put a minus sign in the front of value data field.

Edit Context Menu Remove Share Give Access Windows 10

Step 5- Finally click ok.

That is it. Now, Give access to and share option will be no more in the right click context menu.

Note: To undo the effect, just remove the minus sign.