How to Fix Outlook detected an add in problem in MS Outlook

Outlook comes with some necessary add-ins that are crucial for proper integration between all the MS Office apps. But, what if Outlook stops with this prompt – “Outlook detected an issue with the add-in…” with the name of the add-in as a ribbon message? Now, there are several issues that come with this error and that depends upon which add-in is affected. Though this error has appeared in Outlook 2016, it can happen to Outlook 2013, 2014, or everything else.


Fix 1 – Disable all the Add-ins

You just have to disable all the Add-ins on your computer.

Step 1 – Open the MS Outlook client, if you haven’t opened it yet.

Step 2 – Then, click “File” directly on the menu bar.

Step 3 – Next, tap “Options” on the left ribbon.


options min 1


Step 4 – Choose the “Add-ins” in the left-hand section.

Step 5 Set the “Manage by:” to “Go” to open all the Add-ins.


COM add ins go min


You will see all the add-ins on Outlook, on a single page.

Step 6 – Uncheck all of them one by one. This will disable the add-ins you have in MS Outlook.

Step 7 – Click “OK” to complete the process.


uncheck add in ok min


Close the Outlook client.

Now, wait for a minute. Then, restart Outlook. You won’t face the same “Outlook detected an issue with the add-in…” error message at the Outlook startup again.


Fix 2 – Enable the Disabled Add-ins

Sometimes the already disabled Add-ins cause this problem. So, enabling those disabled Add-ins should help you resolve the issue.

Step 1 – Open the MS Outlook.

Step 2 – Go on ahead and click “File” and tap “Options” to open it up.


options min 1


Step 3 – Navigate to the “Add-ins” box.

Step 4 Then, see the “Manage:” option to “Disabled Items“.

Step 5 – Click “Go…” to go there.


Disabled items go min


Step 6 – Select the add-in that you have disabled and tap “Enable”  to enable that add-in.

If multiple items are disabled, enable all of those.

Exit Outlook and relaunch the client.

Check if this helps.