How to hide Side Panel Button in Google Chrome

Are you annoyed with the side panel on your Google Chrome browser? You might think that just like the extension icon, the side panel is not removable. It is true that you can’t hide the Side Panel button using the regular settings. But, it is doable and can be done using just a flag.

How to hide the Side Panel button in Google Chrome

Using a particular flag, you can easily disable or enable the Slide Panel on your Google Chrome browser.

Step 1 – Open the Google Chrome. Open a fresh new tab.

Step 2 – Paste this link in the address bar and hit Enter.



side panel flag min


Step 3 – At the top of the Flags page, you’ll find the “Side Panel” flag.

Step 4 – Just set this particular flag to “Disabled” mode and you are good to go.


side panel disabled min


Step 5 – A relaunch button should appear. Tap “Relaunch” to relaunch the browser.



How to show the Side Panel in Google Chrome

Want the Side Panel on Google Chrome back? It is just as easy as the first time. You have to enable the flag.

Step 1 – Go to a new tab.

Step 2 – Copy this address from here and paste it directly into the address bar. Hit Enter.



Step 3 – You will see the “Side Panel” flag to “Enabled” to enable the flag.


Step 4 – When you see the “Relaunch” prompt, tap it.


enabled relaunch min


When Google Chrome launches the next time, you will see the Side Panel once again.

That’s it! This way, you can easily take control of the Side Panel of Google Chrome.