Origin installation requires an internet connection error Fix

Origin, the home of all EA games, requires you to install the application to enjoy all their games. But, some gamers have recently reached out on Reddit about the issue with Origin installation on their systems. According to these users, Origin installations have failed multiple times on their systems and have shown this error message, “Origin installation requires an internet connection, but we were unable to connect to the internet“.

Workarounds –

1. Before you do anything check the internet connection on your computer. Try restarting the router. If you think there are some issues with the internet connection, follow Fix 2.

2. Run the Origin installer as an administrator. Installers should always be done with administrative rights.

If you are still facing the problem, follow these steps –

Fix 1 – Flush the DNS

Flush the DNS server on your system.

1. At first, write “cmd” in the search box.

2. Then, right-tap the “Command Prompt” in the search result and tap “Run as administrators“.


Cmd Admin1 Min


3. Now, copy-paste this code and hit the Enter key to flush the DNS server.

ipconfig  /flushdns




When the DNS Resolver Cache is successfully flushed, close the terminal and restart your computer.

After restarting the system, launch the Origin installer and install it.

Fix 2 – Install the EA app

EA app is the future. Electronics Arts is already moving from Origin to the EA app for Windows and soon the support for the Origin app will end.

1. Open the EA app.

2. Tap the “Download the EA app” to download the installer.


Ea App Download Min


3. Then, run the “EAappinstaller” to launch the installer on your computer.


Ea App Dc Min


After this, just follow the on-screen steps to complete the app installation.

Once it is done, launch the EA app.

4. Here, input the same credentials you used in Origin, and click “Sign in” to enter into the EA app.


Sign In To Ea App Min



That’s it! Even all the games that you have installed through Origin will automatically be imported into the EA app. So, you can enjoy all your games, and chat with your friends on the EA app.

Fix 3 – Run the network troubleshooter

If restarting the router doesn’t solve the network issue, you can resort to a network troubleshooter.

1. You can directly reach the troubleshooter page. To do that, press the Win key+R.

2. Then, paste this there, and click “OK“.



Troubleshoot Windows Min


3. On the main troubleshooter page, click “Other troubleshooters“.


Other Troubleshooter Min


4. Now, find out the “Internet Connections” troubleshooter.

5. Then, tap “Run” to run the troubleshooter and fix the issue.


Internet Connections Run Min


Let the internet troubleshooter work and detect, and fix any network issues.


Fix 4 – Close Origin

If you have an existing version of Origin running on the system, you have to close it first, and then, you can reinstall the latest version.

1. Close the Origin installer.

2. Then, click on the arrow button on the taskbar.

3. Here, check whether you can see Origin is still running or not.

4. If you can see Origin there, right-tap that and tap “Quit Origin“.


Quit Origin Min


Once you have close the Origin app, run the installer once again. This time, Origin will be installed without any further issues. Go to the next one if the problem still persists.


Fix 5 – Empty the Origin cache

If you have installed Origin before, you should clear the Origin cache folder to remove any conflict between the installation operation.

Step 1 – Close Origin

1. At first, you have to close the Origin installer.

2. Now you have to ensure the Origin is completely closed. Close the Origin app.

3. Then, tap the arrow button on the taskbar and look for the “Origin” app logo there.

4. Just, right-tap that and click “Quit Origin“.


Quit Origin Min


5. Additionally, you have to end any and all Origin processes.

6. So, press the Win key+X keys together and tap “Task Manager“.


Task Manager Min


7. Then, look for any Origin processes.

8. If you can find any such processes, right-tap that and tap “End task“.


Origin End Task Min


Just go down through the process list and make sure there aren’t any Origin processes still going on.


Step 2 – Clear the Origin folder

Follow these steps minutely to delete certain folders.

1. At first, press the Win key+R keys together to invoke the Run box.

2. Then, paste this in the box and click “OK“.



Origin Program Data Min


3. Inside this folder, you can find several folders associated with Origin.

4. Now, select all the folders here, except the “LocalContent” folder and click the Delete icon to remove these folders.


Delete All Except Local Content Min


This way, all the files, and folders will be removed except the LocalContent folder.

5. Now, again use the Win key+R keys together to call the Run box.

6. So, type this there and hit “OK” to open that.



Appdata Min


7. Once you reach there, tap the “Appdata” folder on the address bar to go back.


Appdata Go Back Min


8. Then, double-tap the “Local” folder.


Local Dc Min


9. Just find out the “Origin” folder here and click the Delete icon to completely delete this folder from your computer.


Origin Delete Min


After this, close all the File Explorer windows. Then perform a system reboot.

When the system boots up again, try to use the Origin installer once more.


Fix 6 – Disable Origin services

If clearing out the Origin cache doesn’t solve the problem, you should disable several Origin services and test.

1. Just search “services” using the search box.

2. Then, click “Services” as it appears at the top of the search results.


Services Min


3. On the Services page, find out the “Origin Client Service” service.

4. Then, double-tap that service to modify it.


Orign Client Dc Min


5. Check which state this service currently is in. Now, set the Startup type to “Disabled” from the drop-down list.

6. Later, tap “Apply” and “OK“.


Disable Client Appl Min


This will save the settings and return you to the main Services page.

7. In here, look for the “Origin Web Helper Service” on the services list.

8. Double-tap this service as well.


Origin Dc Min


9. Just like the Origin Client Service, you have to disable this service startup as well.

10. Now, set the Startup type to “Disabled” from the drop-down list. Later, tap “Apply” and “OK“.


Origin Web Helper Disabled Min


Restart your system after closing the Services page.


Fix 7 – Uninstall and reinstall Origin

Uninstall the Origin app from your computer and reinstall it. But, in this process, all the installed games on your local driver might get deleted.

Step 1 – Uninstall Origin and delete Origin files

1. At first, press the Windows key+R keys together.

2. Then, write this there and click “OK“.



Appwiz Min


3. In the Programs & Features page, identify the “Origin” app.

4. Then, right-tap the “Origin” app and tap “Uninstall“.


Origin Uninstall Min


Now, follow the steps on the Origin Setup page to complete the uninstallation.

Next, you have to restart your computer to finish the process. But before that, you have to clear the existing Origin files on your local drive.

1. So, press the Windows key+E keys together.

2. Then, paste this and hit Enter.



Localappdata Min


3. Now, search for the “Origin” folder.

4. Then, select the folder and click the “Delete” icon on the menu bar to remove it from your computer.


Origin Delete Min


After this, feel free to restart your device.


Step 2 – Reinstall Origin

You can reinstall Origin on your computer.

1. Download the latest version of the Origin installer.

2. Then, double-tap the “OriginSetup” to start the installation.


Origin Setup Dc Min


3. When the Origin Setup loads up, tap “Install Origin” to install the latest version of the Origin app on your computer.


Install Origin Min


Now, adjust your preference of installation and complete the Origin installation.

4. Soon Origin will be installed and the sign-in page will appear on the screen.

5. Then, use your original Origin credentials to log in to Origin.


Email Sign In Origin Min


Check if this solves your problem.


Fix 8 – Use the automatic LAN setting

Check whether your device is switched to the automatic LAN setting.

1. You can find the automatic LAN settings on the Internet Properties page.

2. To do that, use the Win key+R keys and hit Enter to open that.



1 Run Inetcpl Optimized


3. When the Internet Properties page opens up, go to the “Connections” section.

4. Here, click the “LAN settings” to open it.


Lan Settings Min

5. Local Area Network page will appear. So, tick the “Automatically detect settings” option.

6. Make sure the “Use a proxy server for your LAN (These settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections).” is unchecked.

7. After that, click “OK” to save it.


Autoamtically Detect Min

8. Coming back to the Internet Properties page, click “Apply” and then, “OK“.


Apply Ok Min


After this, close all the pages. Try reinstalling Origin on your comptuer.


Fix 9 – Switch to Google DNS

EA servers can stop responding if your system is using a local DNS. So, switch it to Google DNS.

1. Using the Windows key and the R key you can invoke the Run box.

2. Next, write in the box this word there and hit Enter.



Ncpa Cpl Nmew Min


Wait for Windows to load up the Network Connection page.

3. Here, you shall find several network connections.

4. Now, look for the network adapter you are using.

Then, right-click the network connection you are using and click “Properties“.


Ethernet Props Min


5. Now, you have to double-tap the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” to open that.


Ip Dcv Min


5. Don’t interfere with the IP settings. So, switch to the “Obtain an IP address automatically” setting.

6. After this, toggle the “Use the following DNS server addresses:” option.


7. Read these two DNS servers. Set the Preferred DNS server and the Alternate DNS server settings according to these –

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:


8. After that, click “OK” to save the changes.


Dns Server Min


After doing this, try to install Origin again. This time the installer will work without any issues.